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  1. ronballlllls

    Helix Models you wish they would add...

    Lol my bad, I didn't see the original date of the post.
  2. ronballlllls

    Helix Models you wish they would add...

    The "Teemah!" overdrive is based on the Paul Cochrane Timmy Overdrive
  3. So after weeks of waiting for a Darkglass Alpha Omega to be in stock on sweetwater, I FINALLY got my hands on one. Within 30-60 minutes I was able to dial in a really crunchy dirty bass tone that I was pretty happy with. I left my initial impressions in a reddit post on r/bass. My signal chain was bass > Alpha Omega > Helix {noise gate > LA Compressor > Woody Blue > IR } I didn't find out about the Obsidian 7000 until yesterday, and can't believe I didn't notice the naming pun (Darkglass = Obsidian; 7000 = 7k) lol. I've had my Helix Rack unit for about 4 weeks now but due to work and school, haven't been able to sit with it for hours on end. When I wanted to get a preamp/drive bass pedal, the B7k was the other contender based on its universal acclaim and usage by a lot of my favorite bassists. So, for lollipops and giggles I wanted to see if I can get AS GOOD of a tone with all Helix and the Obsidian 7000. ....Yes.....a thousand times yes. I got a BETTER tone (in my opinion). In my initial impressions of the Alpha Omega, I noted how the low-end saturation bothered me. It sounds really loose and flubby to my ears. The switches on the Alpha Omega are binary for their boosts compared to the B7k which has 3 way toggle (On-Off-Cut). The blend control on the Obsidian 7000 is more fine grained compared to the Alpha Omega. I prefer this because even adjusting the blend on the Alpha Omega brings up that dreaded (to me) low-end saturation. I haven't had time to record some A-B comparisons, but I can if anyone would like. All in all, I'm sending back the Alpha Omega because I'm able to get a bass tone I like and have been searching for with the Helix. I lollipop love this thing.
  4. ronballlllls

    Input reduction after >30 minutes on the same preset?

    Thank you, I am using the Mk IV with the bass turned way down. Hope to see this fixed with the next patch!
  5. ronballlllls

    Input reduction after >30 minutes on the same preset?

    Ahh thank you. Yes I have the bass turned almost completely down. Glad to hear I’m not the only one! I was worried my unit was defective
  6. ronballlllls

    Input reduction after >30 minutes on the same preset?

    Yes. Have you experienced this too? Or is it a known issue?
  7. I’ve noticed on a couple occasions that my input volume is dramatically reduced after not changing any preset settings. I’ll Start playing again and it’s as if my guitars volume knob is at 2 (when it’s at 10). I do have input gate toggled. The problem goes away when switching to a different preset, then switching back.
  8. ronballlllls

    What headphones are you using with your Helix?

    I've been into hi-fi audio for about 5 years and got my endgame set of headphones about a year ago. Audeze LCD-XC closed back https://www.audeze.com/products/lcd-collection/lcd-xc. Sold a pair of used Audeze LCD-2's for the same price I bought them ($700) then found this pair for $1100 so net cost for these was about $400 (at least that was my reasoning lol wife didn't seem to buy it)
  9. ronballlllls

    Noob questions about IRs

  10. ronballlllls

    Noob questions about IRs

    I've had some experience with mic placement on cabs via BiasFX but I didn't want to buy their Professional Tier to have the ability to load custom IRs.
  11. ronballlllls

    Noob questions about IRs

    Hi everyone, Just ordered a Helix Rack from Sweetwater that will be here in a few days, and I can't wait to fire that thing up! I've read that the stock IRs are not so great and people have suggested added their own custom IRs they've bought from third-parties. I've heard a demo of some ML Sound Labs IRs that Fractal Audio sells through their store. If I wanted to buy an IR pack from ML Sound Labs (through Fractal Audio), would I be able to use them with my Helix? I have 0 experience with IRs, but I've read that they're mostly like .wav files but couldn't confirm from their site. Thanks