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  1. Hey feature request. On my Helix Floor, I can select what input the Tuner is looking at. Often, I use returns as inputs when I have multiple guitars hooked up. But I can't do that on the Stomp/XL. Can this be added? I just bought a Stomp XL and today used the returns for a dual source acoustic I have... and realized that I can't tune it with the Stomp... had to use my phone.


  2. 1 hour ago, hurghanico said:


    As you can check by yourself by reading the already dowloadable POD GO CHEAT SHEET  the stereo RETURN can be used as AUX stereo input.

    Ok good to know. But that assumes they are route to the stereo output. It doesn’t answer whether those inputs can be mixed or blended together with separate gain and effects and routed to a mono output like Helix can do on a single dsp.

  3. 31 minutes ago, RD1967 said:

    This stuff is way over my head.  There has to be a much simpler way to dial in a compressor. 


    There really isn't on the Helix. That said, the Boss CP-1X is a fantastic compressor pedal, multi-band, and easy as pie to dial in. Some people call it an auto-compressor because it dials in most of those parameters on it's own, and the LED makes it REAL easy to set the threshold. I wish the Helix comps had some of that functionality.

  4. On 6/17/2018 at 4:49 AM, gbr13697 said:

    A rough way is to use a patch with just a noise gate, and then play notes continuously whilst increasing the gate level. (It helps to assign the level to the Expression pedal for this patch).  You will get to a point where the volume decreases markedly, and make a note of the db level.  Be aware that this will vary for high string notes, low string notes, double stops, power chords, full chords, and how hard you pick or strum, so you will need to repeat the exercise several times.  You will get a feel for the range of levels your pickups produce with different strings, chords, and dynamics.  This range will be much higher for humbuckers than for single coils.  You will also get a clearer idea idea of where to place the compressor threshold for mixed playing, e.g. when you are playing a mixed rhythm of single note riffs with chord stabs, you may want to balance things out by boosting the single notes but not the chord stabs. You can then place the threshold between the level for riff notes and the level for chords. 


    I tried this last night, nifty idea. I put a hard gate first in my helix chain and adjusted the threshold until it was kicking in at the level I wanted. Then bypassed the gate and applied the same threshold level to the deluxe compressor. Not quite as convenient as having a reduction meter, but works about as well.

  5. I appreciate that story, but very few people have developed an ear to hear compression. I run sound and teach my guys to "mix" with their ears, but adjust the gain and compression with their eyes.

  6. I've had a Helix Floor for a few months now, just upgraded to FW 2.3. I mainly use it on stage, rarely hook my computer up to it. I generally just tweak a sound and save it on the foot controller.


    1) What would Native do for me?


    2) When I log into my account, it tells me Native is $399. How do I register it so it knows I have a Floor so it would only be $99?



  7. Hi,


      Lovin' my Helix, and I love how it makes my acoustic sound. Compressor + Tube Preamp + Reverb. I am not a novice with compressors, but clearly not an expert either. I have been using the LA comp, but I don't get the parameters (and I read the others stuff on the forum about that). Maybe I'll try the Deluxe Comp too.


      Anyway, I do a combination of fingerpicking and strumming, so a compressor evens out those levels very nicely. And I like how the multi-band comp on the Boss CP-1X selectively compresses certain (mystery) frequencies. I wish I could get that sort of multi-band comp for Helix. I know there is a 3 band comp, but I have no idea how to set it.


      If you have suggested comp settings for acoustic guitar, please share.

  8. Just got my Helix. I can create a split and merge from 1 input. But it doesn't seem possible to take 2 actual inputs and merge them, or split 1 input to 2 separate actual outputs. There's that dashed line between the two on the screen.


    1) First, very simple, can't I get the same signal out of both L and R 1/4" jacks?


    2) Can I input 2 pickups from my acoustic guitar, merge them using a PAN function and then output to 1 output.






  9. The Helix has 2 inputs. My acoustic guitar has 2 pickups: a magnetic and a soundboard transducer (both passive).


    1) What cab/amp sim would you use on an acoustic guitar?


    2) Can inputs A and B be summed (merged)? I see the examples in the manual, but those are when a single signal is split, then merged. I don't see an example of merging inputs A and B.

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