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  1. proceedeth

    I bricked my helix rack because of 2.8

    I was stuck at 50% too. I restarted the updater - no luck. Restarted Helix and it wasn't detected by the updater. I ended up uninstalling all Helix related software and then reinstalled Line 6 Updater and HX Edit. Rebooted my PC and started up the Helix - it got detected and I was able to redo the update no problem.
  2. Still trying to figure out what's going on. I have it set up so Track One (Input 1) is the modeled sound from Helix and Track Two (Input 7) is the dry signal. The modeled signal sounds like it has a blanket over it and the dry signal is extremely low. This is using a Lace Drop n Gain in the bridge position and the Mandarin 80 model. Should be plenty loud and sounds great when direct monitoring through the Helix while playing - recording a different story! Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. I've been doing some test recordings and it sounds like hot garbage so far. It sounds exceptionally low quality when playing back a recording compared to a lively sound when monitoring while playing. I feel as if I'm missing out on something very amateur to set up that I just somehow skipped over. In Ableton I have the following preferences set up: In Helix I went to the global settings -> Ins/Outs and set the sample rate to 441.khz The audio level being set to Ableton might be the issue: I've made sure to turn off monitoring in Ableton and am doing so through the Helix with Sony MDR-V6 headphones. Playing through the Helix sounds wonderful... playing the recording sounds awful. Any tips would be appreciated! Thank you!
  4. I sort of talked myself through this problem. I'll leave this up incase someone else has problems. Reinstalling Line 6 Driver2 Version 1.91worked for me, giving me the ASIO Helix option as an Audio Device in Helix. Strange, as had messed with anything since installing it when I purchased and updated the Helix. But it works.
  5. Helix community, I'm looking for assistance with Ableton. I'm sure there's been plenty of these posts - so please excuse me. I would like to use a Guitar - > Helix LT -> USB -> Ableton Live set up to record as I play into the Helix. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to set up the Audio Preference in Ableton to accommodate this. I have Helix Edit 2.7.1 installed and it's functional; I can modify my physical Helix LT through the HX Edit software (Windows 10). I have ASIO4ALL and I cannot select Helix in the Driver Type: ASIO and subsequent Audio Device choices. As I'm typing this, maybe the ASIO4ALL is the issue? I do also have a Focusrite Scarlett I've used in the past with Ableton via ASIO4ALL. Is there a different ASIO driver I can install that is Helix compatible? Thanks!
  6. Been sub'd to the channel for a few weeks now and discovered it through YouTube. Cool to come across it on another platform! Great presentation and love the videos, thanks for the insights!
  7. Appreciate the advice everyone. Did some further testing tonight with a couple amps and the buzz is present utilizing the 4 CM. While testing, I put a Bleat Chop Trem block in the effects loop path and it has a tremendous effect on the signal while humbucker equipped guitars are plugged in or while the cable is unplugged in the guitar end. I could increase the tremolo effected hum sound while utilizing the amps gain and channel volumes but not with a master volume. Putting a noise effect in the effects loop path would effect the hum and not while in the front of amp channel. Touching the tip of the cable plugged into "Guitar IN" caused a massive volume boost that was modulated by the tremolo. Is this indicative of a ground loop issue or a AC power issue? I first thought it was a problem with the Line 6 Helix but now I'm not sure! I plan to get the Behringer Hum Destroyer when it's in stock. I'm contemplating getting a power conditioner like the Furman PST-6 or even the Furman PST-8 if necessary. I live in an apartment and can't say much about the wiring. Any help is appreciated and I'd be glad to follow any diagnostic steps - thank you!
  8. Thanks for input. I'm really consider the Behringer Hum Destroyer. If I were to go EBTech can anyone advise if the Hum X or Hum Eliminator would be a better option (high gain amps utilizing 4CM)? Thanks Edit: if adding the Helix noise gate block (-35db or so) into the effects loop chain solved the noise issue am I headed in the right or wrong path looking at the Ebtech and Behringer?
  9. At wits end. I have the Helix LT and love it; it's amazing piece of hardware and I recommend it to everyone. I bought it with the intention of using the amp modeling with headphones while my fiance works at home and for recording. I knew that eventually i'd try to incorporate it into some of my amps with the four cable method to get the preamp growl with my favorite speakers. Unfortunately, with both amps, I'm getting miserable hum - Sunn Beta Lead (ss) and Orange OR15 (tube). I've tried multiple guitars, multiple cables, and different electrical outlets. I've ensured the amp and Helix are sharing the same power strip (EMI filtering) and have tried two different power strips. My signal goes guitar -> Helix LT (processor chain one) -> Amp Preamp -> Amp Effects Loop Send -> Helix LT (modulation, processor chain two ) and 1/4 output -> Amp return. The only thing that helps is to put a Noise Gate block into the effects chain within the Helix and set it to about -35db. However, when I strum a chord, the hum is present with the guitar and it's sounding crap. If I try the noise gate in the signal between guitar and Amp preamp no hum reduction occurs. I'm considering the EBTech Humx ($80) or Behringer MicroHD HD400 Ultra-Compact 2-Channel Hum Destroyer ($35) based from other threads. Line 6 Community - based on my experience of hum within the effects loop of multiple amps and it being only tamed by a Noise Gate block - any recommendations? I'm only playing at home and want to be cost efficient. Thanks guys!