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  1. Still trying to figure out why 3.51 for Native wont show in Logic Pro. I'm using IOS Monterey, the install goes as expected. Closed LP, restarted the MAC, reloaded Native and it still shows it's 3.50. Can't figure it out. HX Edit installed as expected for my floor with no issues. Anyone have ideas as to why it won't update? Thanks!

  2. Thank you sir, this is a perfect explanation of how to connect and control parameters of my Stomp with my Helix floor. This should be pinned to the top and added to the unofficial Helix document that's out there. DSP expansion is mainly why I purchased the stomp but it stands on it's own for a perfect back up and super portable solution. 

  3. I am now controlling on off states of effects in 3 snapshots via midi command center from Helix floor. I should be able to call the preset though as well correct? Once this is mapped from Helix floor, I am in Helix Heaven. Perter, do you know how? This functionality provides a side car with floor or any other midi capable device. An official Line 6 video would be awesome like the one created to show expression pedal setup. 

  4. Figured I would post this over here as well. 


    Here is what I am looking to do this weekend...HX Stomp as DSP Expansion...

    I need to learn how to control on/off state of snaps in HXS from Helix command center via midi. If you are doing the same let me know here or pm me. Thanks and BTW, running HXS in stereo loop is absolutely amazing, now I need to fully integrate it and add a riser. Link to pic below


  5. Great sound! It just goes to show that a Marshall model and a bunch of drive pedals is NOT too heavy for church. Love it!


    My church chain is one or two deluxe compressors, Timmy, Minotaur, Plexi, modulations, and parallel reverbs/delays. I can go from super clean ambient sparkle to a soaring lead tone, and everything in between. There are occasions where I have the amp model cranked out and the Timmy and Minotaur both on. Love getting my worship on with my guitar!

    And snapshots makes it so easy! Switch from humbuckers to single coils and off to the next song with a completely different tone.

  6. Question is if I have transistor delay set to .1/8 and vintage set to 1/4 note, can I have a different BPM assigned to each? Or, is this option only available if I have each delay set to milliseconds?

    We all know what global means and what a snapshot is, my brain freeze is on the "per preset" definition and the note value versus milliseconds.

    I believe the answer is in the last paragraph but thought someone might have an opinion for the group....

    From the manual....


    Knob 5 Tempo Select The “Speed†or “Time†parameters of all tempo-based FX can be set to a note value that follows Tap Tempo or the tempo set with Knob 6 (Snapshot BPM/Preset BPM/Global BPM). 


    Choose whether the Helix tempo is stored and recalled with each snapshot, recalled with each preset, or is applied globally across all presets and snapshots. 6 Snapshot BPM/Preset BPM/Global BPM 


    This is an alternative way to set the Helix tempo, as opposed to stepping repeatedly on the TAP footswitch. Depending on the Knob 5 (Tempo Select) setting, this value is saved per snapshot, per preset, or globally. The Helix device's tempo has a resolution of 0.1 BPM (beats per minute). You can also quickly access this parameter at any time by briefly touching the TAP footswitch.



    Time Adjusts the delay/repeat time, with higher settings providing longer delays. Press the knob to toggle between ms and note values. Choosing a ms value provides a specific time in milliseconds; choosing a Note Division value provides a time based on the current tempo. With a note division value, this parameter’s value is retained when changing models.    This being same delays or different delays.. :unsure: ..

  7. Glad to hear you got it figured out. When you start handing out gifts and gift certificates for this can a brother get at least partial credit for having posted this ^^^ as the first response on this topic? ;)

    Yep, Lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings tomorrow, then off to GC. Indian Bend and Pima, who's in?  :D



    HO, MXT, Ricstudio, CHuskey, Frank, DI, Ben....

  8. Are your encoder press-in functions working?


    Maybe one of the switches has gone bad, so it's not receiving the command to do the reset.

    Angels are singing, That was it!


    FS 9 is a little weak when doing by hand. Never really had an issue with my shoes on and I don't really want to take the time to send it back home. I should have thought of that, you sir should get a gift cert from DI. Thank you!

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