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  1. Hello Everyone, my latest learning curve has brought me to learning how to record a Second Audio track in Studio One 4 as a DI track using Output 7 which is a Dedicated Direct signal to a DAW from Helix. Example, while recording guitar on First Audio track 1 Processed through Helix sounds great, yet, can't seem to record unprocessed signal from Helix on track 2. I tried using Reaper as a DAW along with my Helix floor/Native and the idea works fine. However, all my effects are in Studio One 4. Jason Sadites has a good video on the subject but No information using Studio One. Thank You for your help.


  2. Hi Everyone. As we all have been in lock down, I have been wanting to ZOOM my band mates. Does Helix Floor work well as an interface for Zoom video's? And if so, do I need to Add a Mic Block to All my presets in order to communicate with my mates? Can anyone point me in the right direction as to the proper connections to do this. I am using Studio One 4, Windows 10 laptop and Helix Floor connected to ZOOM. Will this work for teaching guitar lessons? Thank You for your time. Be safe 

  3. I am finding no solutions to why I am getting so much interference when connected to Native. Currently, my set up is; guitar to Scarlett 2i2 with sample rate 4800-128 switched to instrument, running Studio One 4 in Windows 10 at 4800. Monitor switched (on) in track one of DAW. Track Volume levels down -30db, Main level showing -30db. My preset patch is too hot and full of static. As I sit here and write this to you I'm looking at my Native main level jumping up to -6db yet nothing is activated. Can someone explain to me what I am or am not doing right with my current signal flow? Thank you for your time. PS, when working with my Helix Floor, I have No interference issues using the same presets.

  4. Thanks for advice I should have added more info! I'm using SM 57 dynamic mic, plugged into Helix Mic in put XLR. Mic gain 30db in Global Settings. Are you saying I need to open an empty preset and just add Mic source Input Block? And then USB 1/2 Output block?

  5. I'm having issues working with OBS and other programs like Zoom and my Line 6 Floor Microphone set up. Do I need to create a separate Block in HX Edit in order to use my microphone as my go to Microphone/interface with Helix? When working with OBS Labs or Zoom these programs see, but can't connect to Helix as a Microphone set up. Is there something in Global Settings I need to be switching on/off? Thank you

  6. Is there someone who can give me a step by step run down of how to set up my SM58 to the Helix Floor. I can't find any information on this topic. Yet, I see on Youtube many videos but, No installation instructions on settings. I have my SM58 connected but, No sound. What are the proper settings I am not following? Thank You



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