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  1. Hi Guys,


    I've a new rig I'm setting up at present.


    I'm running a ESP EC1000 into the Helix guitar in then L6 Link cable to L3T speaker. (PA Reference Setting)


    We play most rock & metal covers and I'm struggling to get good full body tones from my new rig.  This is due to my lack of experience with the Helix for sure.


    I've bought and downloaded Ownhammer & 3 Sigma IRs, also Glenn Delaune's Hi Gain pack.  All of which have improved the sound but I think my overall EQ is my issue and I'm looking for anyone with a similar rig for an assist.  I've seen nearly every video on Youtube which deals closely with this but I think if someone with 1st hand experience would comment it would be a massive help.


    Any info regarding this issue would be most appreciated.

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