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  1. Hard to tell how's the sound on the front of house when you're on stage :) I believe that the sound coming out of it is really good but the main advantage that RCF gave me was the dynamics, it feels like I'm playing on a real guitar cabinet and that is something i did not experience in the past with my older yamaha fullrange speaker. I did not adjust anything on my helix, the FR speaker only have volume knob and a boost button :)


    Order one online, try it, if you don't like it, you can still send it back and get a refund.

    In my country I do not have the option of reimbursement. Your opinion has been very useful, I will wait to compare RCF vs. Alto. However, I believe that RCF is a quality option. Thank you!

  2. I compared EV, Alto and Mackie after about a year of thinking it over. I ended up going with the Alto...I played some very diverse program material thru them and I preferred the Alto overall. It was very close with the EV. Alto was more neutral to my ears where the EV sounded great for certain things...The Mackies sounded like dog poo...I wonder if something was wrong with the ones I was trying...It was really bad...especially on 311, Santana reggae/latin stuff...


    I have not heard those particular RCF speakers, but I have been a longtime fan of the EAW PA Systems that are generally loaded with RCFs...Seems like a bit of a tossup...I tend to think you would be ok with either...

    The Alto arrive next month at the store, I'll wait to try them. Thanks for your answer!

  3. For what it's worth...

    I haven't tried those specific models, but have used RCF712, EV-EKX12 and ETX12p. The RCFs sounded more neutral and very nicely balanced, the EVs seem a bit more pushed in the upper frequencies a bit more cutting and not so pleasing to my ear.

    Thanks for your answer. I was testing an EV and I felt quite "hard".

  4. Hi Just Startin ', thanks for your answer! The sound of the Helix through the RCF is consistent with what is reproduced by PA? Have you had to adjust your parameters in stage situation? (Again, sorry for my bad English, haha!)

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