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  1. I’m loving all the new updates in 2.80!  Nice work!  Only one thing has negatively affected my world.


    I believe the “Duplicate PC Send” feature has been a bit nerfed since 2.80.  I can't seem to control my PC software as well as I previously could.

    It seems that the HELIX is remembering MIDI program numbers from instants separately than button presses and thinks that the program hasn't changed even when a new program has been sent by a button (switch).

    Beyond making this work like it did before v2.80, it would be nice to see an aggressive version of the Duplicate PC Send MIDI feature that will always resend MIDI program data with any button press no matter the scenario.


    Ex. (This hurts my brain to write, I'll do my best.)

    I'm using PC software SampleTank 3/4 with no DAW.  SampleTank uses one MIDI program number for a song to load and another MIDI program number for an instrument to load.  Yes, I'm stuck to program numbers for both.

    I need the instrument MIDI program number to be associated with every snapshot to switch sounds correctly back and forth and therefore attach it to Instants in the command center.

    No MIDI program data will be sent by the HELIX if changing from one song to the next if the next song has the same instant program number as the previous in any instant position.

    Let's say that song 1 is program 51 and has instrument program 115

    Song 2 is program 52 and also instrument program 115 (same number but new instrument because it’s a new song)

    My dream would be to program instants to go ->Program-Song # -> Program-Instrument # in that order for every snapshot but it has never worked.  The HELIX sees that instant #1 for the song is the same on all snapshots and says "Instant #1 is the same between these snapshots so I don't have to perform it."  It won't run instant #1 to switch songs at all, ever, period when trying to do this.  It WILL switch songs if instant #2 is different but will never load the song.  It's been this way for all HELIX software revisions.

    I created a workaround by programming the TAP button to load the song via the TAP button itself (not instant) and the Snapshots to change the instruments using instants.  This allowed me to switch to my new preset, load song 52 with the TAP button, then instrument 115 via snapshot even if I re-pressed the same snapshot that was already selected.  This would work even if the previous song was also on instrument 115.  Thank you "Duplicate PC Send"!  I only had to be careful to NOT hit the tap button more than once or it would change the tempo.

    This worked until v2.80.  Now when loading song 2 via TAP (still works) none of the snapshots will load 115 via instant (or button) until I select a different MIDI program number like 116 on a different snapshot and then go back to 115.

    I've resolved this for now by choosing different MIDI program numbers for instruments but it's becoming a pain to keep changing which instrument numbers I use for songs. 

    I found that I could change MIDI channels for each song would force the program change but I have more than 16 songs to play so that's not a viable or long-term fix.


    To sum it up I have 2 asks:

    #1 - Make the Duplicate PC Send feature work like it did before v2.80.  -Good enough (bug fix)

    #2 - Or, better yet, make an additional more aggressive version of the Duplicate PC Send feature that always pushes the MIDI program numbers of instants in order NO MATTER WHAT.  Turn the algorithm that stops duplicate sends off, like actually completely off.  A new snapshot press sends that snapshot's MIDI command, even if it's the same snapshot button, even if it’s the same program number as the previous snapshot.  There could be 3 settings for duplicate PC send to ensure we don’t mess with anyone else that likes it the way it is.  “Off – Low – Max” or something like that.


    Lastly I apologize if I don't understand how MIDI works in some way....like if the program number is something that's always sent continuously.  Even if it is, the HELIX should know to send an new program number from an instant after a different program number was pressed on a button.  It did before v2.80.


    Thanks again for the good work y'all do!

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