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  1. Veance

    Boss DD-7 delay pedal on Amplify150

    Oh, most of the time I record with my guitar plugged into a audio interface ux2 connected to my pc. My amplify is connected to the ux2 analog out. That way it plays whatever sound my pc makes. Also I can play guitar straith from my amplify too. But Its this or that. Not both.
  2. Veance

    Boss DD-7 delay pedal on Amplify150

    Yes, that's the setup; With 9V battery. There is also a connection at the back. A double cinch to stereo jack output of a line 6 Ux2 to the back of the amplify;
  3. Hey, I have a line 6 Amplify 150 and I use it mainly in my musicroom at home. This way I can play with a headset on if I want to(children at home) I also use a fbv shortboard from line6. But I wanted to test out a few other single pedals like the boss DD-7 with claim to be a great digital delay-pedal. So I asked a friend if I could use his to try it out. I inserted my shortboard mkII and jacked the DD-7 between guitar and amplify. Here it goes : it does'nt work! Now maybe I did something wrong but I wanna know what... Anyone? Thanx