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  1. Hello Silverhead,

    First of all I must thank you for your answer and your valuable advice.
    I confirm your analysis, they are indeed presets or rather corrupted addresses.
    According to your methodology, I performed a system reset ( FS9/FS10 ) and the Helix/LT has recovered the reason !
    I did not know all repair procedures because the instructions for use of the Helix/LT is not complete ( Version 2.10 ).
    Line 6 should make the effort to update its documentation because since 2016 the material has evolved.
    I don’t know how to thank you for your help.
    I appreciated your competence.
    Best regards
  2. OK ! Thank you qwerty42 for your prompt response.
    As requested, I restarted the Helix LT ( disconnected from the PC ) and observed the same symptoms. Navigation on the setlist 5 up to the preset 09A ( empty ) and device crash ( black screen ) . Restart and always the same observation.
    I fear the worst !!!
    For info: Helix LT 2.90 / Hx Edit 2.90 - Windows 10
    The other setlists seem to work correctly
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