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  1. Hi, i had a strange time with my Helix floor last night at band practice, I tried to select a preset i have not used for a good while and my Helix freaked out, it fail to show the scribble strips and then the screen went black like it had switched off, it came back on then blank screened again. so I switched the Helix off and on and it was ok after that. I have noticed in the past that sometimes when i select a preset the scribble strips are totally wrong like from another preset or they are just blank, i have to re select that preset again to fix the issue. I gig with my Helix most weekends, i can deal with just re selecting a preset, but blank screen and shut downs will be a problem, anyone else having these issues.


    Cheers Roy

  2. Hi I used mine last night at a gig in Oldham, it held up well against a very loud bassist, drummer and lead guitar, vol pot was at about 2 O'clock helix up full sounded ACE very responsive, had a few red light moments but have sorted that today by using a compressor on the offending patches..

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  3. Hi Stupid Question here, I have read red light means digital clipping, if the RED light keeps coming on and sometimes staying on will it do any damage to the Powercab? or is it like the Yamaha speakers where the amp compresses the input to bring the signal down?


    Cheers Roy



  4. My floor unit hung at startup at the splash screen after upgrading it to 2.50, then turning it off and then back on - the screen froze and there was no response to any controls. Cycling the power resolved this and it's been ok ever since, but now I don't feel confident anymore that it won't hang again every time I turn it on. It's been nice and stable so far with all previous FW versions - no hangs, no crashes. Wondering if anyone else have seen this and heads-up/FYI to the devs.

  5. Hi any chance you could implement midi"delay"to the instant commands, the reason I ask is that I need to send midi CCs just after a program change message.

    When the Helix sends a midi program change and a midi CC at the same time to my GR-55 the GR-55 does not get the midi CC because the patch in the GR-55 needs time to initialise. it would be fantastic if this could happen.


    Cheers Roy

  6. Hi I am new to the helix had it about a week and I am most impressed with it. I also expect to find a bug or to, I think I have found one. When using the factory presets in factory 1 the helix sends midi program change message when none are set, I have checked and all are blank. If you use factory preset 2 no midi program changes are sent. My own presets all have midi program program changes and cc messages to control my GR-55


    Cheers Roy

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