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  1. You can try FACTORY RESET. Hold the FS1 and FS2 switches while you POWER ON the unit. I just bought a HXSTOMP w 2.65 - did the upgrade - and did NOT have the problem you are having. You may indeed have a bad unit. Try the reset though. Might work.

  2. Have u tried running the Helix into your amp? You get the best of both worlds.


    Once I set up the 4 cable method right, I started to feel like I could get where I wanted to go with this setup. Having owned many multieffects units previously, I wasn't expecting the Helix to be the holy grail. All hot new sounds get stale after a while. But FWIW, it is a very well organized one stop shopping effects box.


    Also, have you hooked it up to your PC and use the HXEdit program? To me, it's night and day. The HXEdit makes editting your presets supereasy. I've had this thing for a month now and still can't remember what buttons pushed or pressed or held do what - nor can I really see those tiny icons - But on the HXEdit - clear as a bell. Check it out if you haven't.



    hxedit screenshot.jpg

  3. It's worthy to report a bug - so thanks for doing that. But I haftoo say this is a very complex patch that not every user is likely to endeavor. 


    All this tech is the cutting edge. Every tech on the Line 6 help desk can't be intimately familiar w every line of code from every product they've ever supported. I know because I'm a field tech for a HW/SW company with a similar array of products - Help desk techs haven't all been there for 20 years nor do they stay that long. Long story short I think you are expecting too much from them. If they can solve 90% of the most common problems, well, that's pretty damn good.


    I spoke w the Line 6 (Yamaha) help desk a few times recently and was pleased with the service. Compared to my own company (highly rated multibillion dollar), they kick lollipop.


    And I recently dabbled w Avid ProTools. I bought and downloaded their SW, it wouldn't install, their help desk was not available, they sent me a message in technobabble that said they might get back to me in two to three business days .... ok, they got fired immediately and I'll go right back to Studio One.


    Yamaha as a company has always impressed me. Keyboards and motorcycles - now line 6.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys. So far I've only created two of my own patches so I may retry the process. Peter, I thought the factory restore would set me back to 2.65, so haven't tried that yet, maybe that's it. RD, I think I did it in order - pretty careful bout that being a cautious techie by profession, but who knows - I'm getting old and crazy - lucky if I know what day it is . And yes I did a backup. Yeah this tech is a little too scary to me to skip the precaution of backing up.

  5. Hi All,


      I bought a Stomp and it came w firmware 2.65. I did the upgrade - all seems fine Except all the Preset Names disappeared. Seems like the presets are still there, they just have no names. Did I do something wrong? Anyway to fix or get a list? TIA!



    stomp no names.jpg

  6. Studio One 3 Artist - perhaps all Artist versions - do not support VST Plugins. You have two options. Upgrade to Professional for $199. Or installed the Rewire VST plugin - $79.


    Alternatively, If you buy a stomp or Helix hardware, the hardware can substitute for Audio Box - and it will feed into studio one. In fact Stomp works better w Studio One than Audio Box - you just plug it in and it works really well - unlike audio box which you hafta f with that ASIO driver constantly.


    I was trying to work w Helix Native but ultimately decided there are too many hurdles to get to destination awesome sound. You gotta make Windows/DAW/sound cards/ drivers etc etc all play together - go to GC n pick up a stomp for $599 or catch it on sale. Plug Guitar in, speaker out. End of setup. Start messing w sounds. If ya don't like it, take it back to GC.

  7. I dont even bother w Android. The Windows app works fab. Just hook the USB and big easy to use screen. Who can complain. And it looks and works just like Helix Native and Helix Stomp. Piece of cake. Really awesome.


    Some folks have told me the Helix sound quality is so superior - what's the technical diff Tony? I can make the spider roar pretty ferociously. I've only had the Stomp as you know for a few days I'm still not even hardly acquainted w it - i mean they look exactly the same

  8. So - Helix Native journey update- major twist -


    I went through the whole process of installing Helix Native - while I am sure that after enough time and experience with it you can probably get it running and get fluent with it. I got it running. I got to try out helix native - but after hours and hours of rebuilding the PC (full OS refresh), install cubase, install HN, make all the drivers work including audio drivers, figure out how to use cubase ultimately -


    I concluded there were too many variable factors to be able to even know whether the sound of the Helix is good bad or indifferent. Kinda like listening to a great band using the top equipment through a dollar tree set of headphones.


    So I threw it all out and went and picked up a HX Stomp. Matched it with some JBL monitors. This way I reduced complications from a huge mess of SW drivers etc to one cable in from the guitar and two cables out directly to the monitors. And yes it sounds awesome. My Stomp came w sw version 2.65 - I found the presets useful for getting a first look at what can be done - but the real magic of the box doesn't begin until you start setting up your own sound patches yourself. Frankly I feel I got better sound out just choosing a favorite amp (mine are the Rectifier and the virtual Marshalls) and tweaking that than anything presets or stuff I have heard on CustomTone.


    So make your own sound patches. That's the way to go.

  9. On 12/8/2019 at 11:58 AM, Maddnesss said:

    "I'm gonna upgrade eventually to a charvel dk24" ....


    That's funny. I bought a charvel dk24 yesterday. :D


    Also a Marshall DSL20.


    And a HX Stomp - 


    My take after two days working with it?


    Between using:

    my PC - thus the stock sound card - 

    whatever audio interface

    My junky stereo monitors

    whatever DAW

    whatever headphones

    whatever ASIO


    All these can interfere with one's ability to discern with whether your output is up to snuff or no. A lot of potential pitfalls. And honestly, too many clicks thru the DAW / PC - too many wires - too many drivers 


    I got rid of the whole mess - bought a HX Stomp - plugged in the guitar and the headphones - and yes - you can definitely hear the Helix quality - it's there -


    And so far I like the DK24 - superfast and great sound - not sure I'm confident about the whammy bar tho. I keep a clip on SNARK tuner on the head checking the tuning constantly - PITA - but worth it for the action and sound. I might ditch the whammy or upgrade to floyd rose idk - but the guitar plays and sounds awesome. It's a good choice.

  10. I realized I didn't know lollipop about amps. So i watched video after video comparing each. Then I watched shootouts between Helix and Kemper and Fractal. Then I watched blind tests between amp models and actual amps. Then I checked prices and weights. And local availability. And I visited a music store. And then some recording studios. Then I compared and priced home studio equipment vs professional studio costs vs amp costs and availability. Then I came across a story that said a fave band called In This Moment tours completely using Helix. 


    Then Helix Native went on sale.


    Last year when it was on sale it was $199 priced down from $399. This year it was $279. I was a bit disappointed - but who can complained? They're giving you the heart of a $1700 machine for 279? I'm a bit stingy, particularly around xmas, but I thought I would so regret it if I still have nothing two months from now. So i bagged it.


    Issues: PC compatibility - It requires a DAW (although I have since learned about a VST host). My Studio One 3 Artist does not support VSTs! GRRR! They want an extra $200 for that.

    The Cubase requires W7 SP1 plus some updates. Plus of course you need a PC that can handle a DAW plus HN - mine was getting a little fritzy. So the cost of a pc and or windows must be factored in. Maybe just memory. Maybe just reinstall the OS. Mines still a functional work in progress. 


    I was mulling is it better to just buy the Helix since it has its own processor - thus offloading the CPU work. Anyways, after all that, I decided $279 is worth it just for the experiment. 


    Next - Install, learning curve, and opin .....



  11. Just tht I'd share my experience for those who might follow.


    Well first of all let me remind you, it is December 6 and Cyber Week Deals are only available from December 2 to December 8—so don’t delay!


    Last year I was hoping for a sale on Helix and didn't know my line 6 emails were going to spam so I missed it. Bagged myself a copy of HN this years tho. $279 marked down from 399 and includes a free copy of Cubase LE.


    Before I do the long story, I will give you the short answer - I am indeed impressed with the sound of the Helix native. I spend a lot of time focused on the Mesa Boogie Rectifier model and played till my fingers ached happily. Long story and updates will follow ...


    So I've been on a major tear trying to decide which direction to go musically. Been researching everything.


    About a year ago, I bought a Les Paul and a Spider V 30. I wanted to find out if I had a real guitar would I be able to get to the next level musically. I liked the idea of the Spider cause of all the built in effects. I worked with it slowly no rush over the past year. I was kinda scared of the Les Paul - too much power - or maybe scared I'd still suck even with that.


    After I got some more time on my hands I started working with it and noticed I couldn't really get a really good sound outta the spider. I tht a Les Paul shouldnt sound good - it shd sound incredible. Wasn't getting that. Started thinking I got a world class guitar and a junk amp.


    Maybe I read something wrong or whatever, but it seemed like when I first got the Spider I couldn't download from customtone. Anyways I did eventually figure that out. And after downloading a couple nice patches with a couple of tweaks I did get the spider sounding pretty good. However, I still think no modeling amp can match the sound of a tube....


    To be continued ...

  12. I have Studio One 3 Artist installed on my laptop. I bought the first Studio One when it came out and have used it ever since. However, I found my version of Studio One does not support VSTs and their online info says I hafta upgrade to Pro to use it at a cost of $199. Didn't like that. Dropped em a note. We'll see.


    But in the meantime, I found when I downloaded Helix Native there was a nice surprise in the form of free copy of Cubase LE, which DOES support HN. Took me a half a day to figure out how to make it work but it's working pretty well. Half a day to digest a whole new DAW and VST plugin not too bad IMO.

  13. Exactly what kind of guitar do you have? If you don't have a high quality guitar, you will always struggle. Believe me I know. My first guitar cost $89 at JC Pennys. A Global Les Paul copy. Then I got a strat knockoff - brand can't even remember. Upped my game to mid level guitars. I could get some good sound - but I had to have sparkling new strings tuned to perfection and I had to beat the MF snots out of em to get em to speak. Recently got a Les Paul Traditional. Big difference. Still gotta work it - but yeah, my Lessy's got a big MF mouth and she is completely fluent in the language of rock n roll.


    You can get a pretty good guitar for prolly around 6-800. Do some research. Google best electric guitars. If you can't spring for a new guitar, do this:


    1. Good NEW strings - I recommend Elixers - They got a great tone and last 5x as long as other strings. I like the coating on them too - keeps ur fingers from gettin eaten up.

    2. Get a clip on tuner. You might find your strings slip outta tune - will drive u crazy. Clip on tuner with a bright clear display make things much better.


  14. Hi JLowe. Well today is day one with Helix native. I don't have pod farm but I do have a spider V 30 amp. The short answer is in my first impression of the Helix Native is that it has pretty damn good sound - better than the spider V 30. And probably way more versatile.

  15. On 11/14/2019 at 4:14 AM, Spidermanuel said:

    I've the same problem. I've installed the software both on windows 7 and on windows 10 laptop...but it doesn't work.

    I've solved installing the previous version of the software. It works fine.


    Is it an issue w USB2 vs USB3? Some devices don't like USB3 ports. USB3 ports are often colored BLUE for just that reason. 

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  16. On 11/14/2019 at 10:51 AM, Spidermanuel said:

    Hi guys,

    I've a Spider V 240 mkii and a Presonus 26C as DAW with Cubase 10. The DAW has 2 XLR input.

    What is the best way to record my guitar?

    I've tried to connect directly my guitar to the DAW and post processing the sound with some plug in but the results are not so god.

    I want try to connect the direct outs of the spider to the DAW. How must be set the ground/lift switch? (I can disable the phantom power on the DAW).

    It is better to connect directly the Spider to the DAW or it is better to connect the Spider to a Mixer in order to set level, eq, and then to the DAW?

    Thank you for the answers.


    Good Q. I don't think there is a right answer. That's the magic - making the rig work. Im experimenting with it right now too. Funny (strange not amusing) thing I discovered today - the tone I worked so hard to sculp yesterday which sounds so amazing coming out of my speaker (of my Spider V FRFR 30) sounded like utter crap in my headphones. So i downloaded a bunch of tones from Customtone and found some really good ones (Ride The Lightning tone is awesome in my phones). Anyway you choose, you'll have to eq it out. Best practice tho most experienced performer will tell you is do it both ways. Run a direct line in one channel and mike the amp into another. Then you can choose or blend as u c fit. Blending is a real good idea. 

  17. On 11/20/2019 at 6:55 PM, HonestOpinion said:


    Or maybe the 20th century with Pop art, Andy Warhol and the Factory :-)

    Actually I think started w the cavemen. One was painting cave art on the wall an everyone was oooin and ahhin then a cute little cave girl showed up shook her nice round little cave muffins and everyone forgot about the paintings.

  18. On 11/20/2019 at 12:18 PM, rd2rk said:


    One of his better rants. He's the personification of a most unfortunate cultural trend - lots of people like the angry rant thing, are impressed by copious use of the f-word, and will watch those kind of videos even when they are neither funny nor relevant. His t-shirt says it all. And in this case, he's absolutely correct in his premise. I must be an outlier, because I wouldn't watch either of his example videos, and most of his angry rants just make me want to punch him in the face until he shuts up. Which, of course, demonstrates his premise. He's controversial, therefore gets lots of views, and even though I don't like him, once again I got sucked into watching one of his videos. Which made me laugh.


    Thanks a lot?

    I'm not much on big dissing either, but his point about music is not a meritocracy was so true as the Jess Greenberg  vs blind japanese guy example starkly illustrated. Brutal facts, brutal world. What can ya do?! 

  19. 16 hours ago, rd2rk said:


    Pretty much all of them. But then, I'm not into the VOX sound, or overdriven NMV amps into 10" speakers, or Telecasters.


    I used those videos as examples to illustrate the point that even guys who really like a particular type of sound can't tell the difference between a $3000 state-of-the-art profiling rig and a last gen $300 modeling amp, even on their favorite sounds.


    On the other end of the spectrum, you can pull up most any Anderton's video and see those guys pull great sounds out of anything from a $50 AIAB pedal to a KPA, playing $5000 LPs and $150 Squiers, and in blindfold tests, not being able to tell the difference! If the point of the comparison is to say which sounds best to who, they'll often disagree, and frequently surprise themselves when they think the cheap solution sounds as good, or better than the most expensive. Much to Lee's consternation, knowing he'll have to explain to the sales reps why Rob or Pete or Rabea thought (body language and facial expressions) or even SAID that their best-selling top-dollar product sounded like lollipop, in front of a million You Tubers! 


    Proving what?

    That a PRO can make most anything sound good, and....

    Two PROs in the same genre of music can walk out of the same store with different gear that sounds great, BECAUSE......

    In the end, GREAT TONE is entirely subjective, AND......

    We're blessed to live in a Golden Age of great, affordable gear!


    AND... we ALL could benefit greatly by spending more time playing and less time obsessing over which NOS tubes sound best in our 50 year old tube amps!

    You should run for president! You got my vote. Great tone for the masses. :D Music is a great refuge of democracy. 


    I'm not sure I if I like this guy or not but this rant is awesome. Thought you all might enjoy. Caution, adult content.




  20. 1 hour ago, rd2rk said:


    There's lots of this vs that videos on YT, just search for "Your-favorite-amp vs".

    Here's a couple of examples that I thought were interesting and fun.


    Vox vs Helix vs SpiderV vs Kemper


    They split on the Kemper, one picked Kemper, the other picked Vox.

    They thought the Helix was either the Vox or the Kemper.

    They thought the Vox was the SpiderV

    They thought the SpiderV was the Helix


    On the Princeton comparison :



    They thought the Kemper was either the SpiderV or Helix

    They thought the SpiderV was the Princeton

    They thought the Princeton was either the Helix or the SpiderV

    They thought the Helix was the Kemper


    Now, these guys don't claim to be anything other than what they are, guitar players having fun on YT, and these videos are certainly not any kind of definitive.

    They are, however, comparatively well recorded, and food for thought.


    My takeaway from these and other modeler shootouts I've seen is that a 1x12, be it FRFR or Powercab or whatever, is never gonna sound like a 4x12.

    Any of the current modelers can be dialed in to sound good, if not authentic.

    Some of the most expensive guitar-specific "FRFR" boxes sound like poop.

    For AITR, nothing beats an Amp In The Room.


    YMMV. Try before you buy. Caveat Emptor.


    That was an awesome synopsis. Getting the bottom line in a 1 minute read helps a lot. Which FRFRs IYO sound like poop? :D


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