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  1. 3 hours ago, DunedinDragon said:

    He only wants to plug in, adjust a few knobs and play because that's all he feels he needs...and he's right.  He would hate having to consider what type of stage monitoring system he'd need to connect to, or the various setups for managing his stage system and his interface to the mixing board.  Even worse would be trying to understand how and where to apply different effects in his signal chain or what kind of amp models, cabinet/IR, mic combinations and placements to setup in a patch to get the sound he's after.

    Thanks for that nicely articulated insight. It's interesting to know there is a guitarist using a spider live successfully. Many users have said the Spider gets the job done and some say that the key to it is getting past the presets and really sculpting you own sound. And although I am more of a tweaker than your Rhythm guitarist sounds to be, I also have my limits to how many hours I will study a device with ten thousand options when I actually only need a few dozen tones. 

  2. 1 hour ago, rd2rk said:


    I don't know about the WOW factor, that's a personal/subjective thing. There have been a number of "blindfold" challenges on YT - Helix vs Kemper vs Fractal vs Spyder V vs you name it - wherein the Spider V has been mistaken for the much higher end units. IOW - don't mistake internet hype for reality. If it sounds good to YOU, it IS good! Also, stereo really does improve the experience for home players, not so useful on stage.

    Wow - someone confused Spider V for Helix? I'd like to see that one. Digging deeper into the spider using the pc app, I have noticed quite a bit more potential than I had originally thought. Thx for the comments. Very interesting.

  3. Good thread. Good tips from all. I'm considering a Helix too - and also was wondering - ok, well we got all this excellent modeling and simulating - but if we don't out it something of equivalent quality it's all a waste. So big Q is what kind of amp/speaker system do we run the Helix into?


    The actual reason I am reading and posting here is because I bought a new Les Paul Traditional and paired it w a Spider V 30. After a while I started thinking I'm not really hearing the full glory of the Les Paul cuz the Spider V 30 is no where near the quality of say a Marshall stack or Mesa Boogie. It's ok, I have fun w it - but there's no wow factor. 


    So I want to get to the wow factor. Like when I stand in front of a Bose soundbar at Best Buy - that wow factor - 

  4. Hi All,


       Brand noobie. Got a few Qs.


    Q1: Is there a list anywhere or a thread which explains which real Amps and cabs are represented by the models in the spider? Seems some of you recognize them readily - some are obvious - but I woulda never guessed the Mesa Boogie models for example till deadastronaut mentioned it.


       It would be very helpful to have a list. I've never tried most of these amps and want to get a real tube amp to really get the natural sound outta my new Les Paul. Anyone has info - or just cares to gimme a few hints I'd much appreciate. Just having an initial idea about these would help my research immensely.


    Q2: Helix vs Spider. I presume the tones in the Spider have about as much in common w the Helix as a Squire does w a Strat, but I'll ask anyways. Assuming a Helix is a 10 for sound quality, how would the Spider compare? Also, what kind a amp would be the perfect match for Helix? I can't imagine needing 50 knobs on an amp head if yer running a helix into it. I would guess a complete blank canvas. It would seem a no brainer for Line6 to have a perfect amp match for the Helix - or even an amp with a built in helix IDK. 


    Q3: I've never used a tube amp and I've always heard there is no substitute. But it's 2019. Is that still true? I'm kinda using the Spider to gleem basic ideas about actually tube amps to help me find the right one. Do any of you feel modeling amps are passing up tubes? 


    Q4: I don't need a stadium power amp - 240 seems kinda ridiculous - but what amps of amp lines are Line 6's flagship?


    TIA to all!


    Cole K

  5. I very much liked the Shawn Lane configs. I customized it to my own tastes - yeah - you're heavy on the bass. I boosted up the treble and liked the tone.


    You should download the spider app for laptop - it works quite well actually. Very easy to use - just plug it in via usb and it works real nice. 


    I started messing with the on amp settings to see if there was something different - yeah - a little different terminology. If you turn the effects knobs or adjust setting via the amp edit you can watch it change on the laptop app. And there are some badass hidden settings too - the purple synth ones are very interesting.


    Maybe you shd share like your five or ten favorite configs to start. Then if it generates interest add more. I'd hate to see you do all that work if no one reciprocates.


    OBTW, I was watching a youtube video of best metal amp shootout and the Mesas Boogie Triple Rectifier really did stand out. For 3K I guess it ought to, but yeah, real badass.  



  6. On 11/14/2019 at 10:28 PM, deadastronaut said:



    Ok, so a few Q's about your settings here:


     I can't find the DIAMOND TREAD amp on my list (see pic). I also have no CAB options (or don't know where to find them) Are you using the 2.00 firmware (MK2)? 





    Shawn Lane Lead

    Amp: both Diamond Tread (Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier) and Bomber X-TC (Bogner Ecstasy) have provided good results

    Cab: Tread 4x12 (Mesa/Boogie) or Line 6 4x10 (Bogner)

    Bass: 2-4, to taste

    Middle: 8-9

    Treble: 2

    Gain: 8-10

    Presence: 40%

    Delay 1: Digital, mix 30%, speed 305 ms, feedback 39%

    Delay 2: Digital, mix 25%, speed 845 ms, feedback 39%





    shawn lane lead.jpg

  7. I think the original idea was a downloadable bank called customtone. Seems it didn't work w the original Spider V Full Range firmware. They say now it does work with the firmware update 2.00 - but there have been some comments on this forum that suggest some issues with the upgrade. One poster suggested with the "Classic" that amp modeling disappears. Not sure if he's right, but that's a little unappealing. Another poster mentioned buzzing sound - definitely not desirable. IDK the final answer to all this - but once Line6 works it all out (if they ever do), the CUSTOMTONE share site would be an amazing asset. I'm excited about the prospect, but I'm taking a wait and see approach. Patch upgrades are notoriously buggy - I like to wait a few iterations if my stuff is running ok.


    That said, your idea is a great alternative! Just sharing a text list of settings would be awesome. Frankly I'm terrible at it and totally need help - I've learned a few things from your post already. Thanks for sharing. I'm gonna try out your settings. Up until this weekend I didn't know what a triple rectifier was. Halfway through this wknd I was itchin to run out and buy the damn thing - yeah, like f buying a car, I need a top of the line amplifier. Along with an Ibanez Jem7VP.  And the helix. Or maybe the Fractal. Cuz if you walk by my bedroom, I want you to only hear the best.


    But yeah, thanks again. I didn't realize there was a triple rectifier built right into this spider. I'm gonna check that out. 

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