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  1. Well... The idea of 3rd party plugins (DSP blocks) would be great. What Line6 claims is what they call  "Helix Core" is somewhat Sharc DSP independent. (BTW there are 3rd party plugins for UA Sharc enviroment)
    Let's face it - some DSP blocks are ugly and far behind the competition and I do not think Line6 programmer team can make them better while there is a push for new ones.
    There is nothing wrong in closed architecture unless you open it for third party software developers. Line6 at least could at take advantage of Yamaha experience.

  2. To me "hair" mean both THD and guitar speaker uneven frequency response in upper midrange. I had opportunity to hear very same speaker with PA (flat) cone and ribbed cone. IMO ribbed cone is responsible for that narrow upper midrange hills and valleys. If you like bald or dread hairstyle you would rather look for bald speaker cones or IRs. ;)

  3. Nice challenge! To have something activated by pedal movement in Hx LT/FL you would need midi loopback I suppose. Please correct me anybody if I am wrong.
    I use "three in one" expression pedals in all my presets for volume/whammy/wah. Volume at EXP2 changes to EXP1 by toe switch. One FS is set to choose if EXP1 controlls wah or whammy on separate subpaths. Splitter/mixer tandem is involved too.
    I don't see any point of using external expression pedal because Line6 decided it would just double EXP2 in LT. Leo Tolstoy probably used Helix only this way ;) I don't know neither why heel switch is absent in Helix. :D

  4. You miss the point of that section of Ownhammer manual you cite thenickhill81. This is not your fault - it is simply misleading. What they were trying to explain is -
    "This library’s captures were driven by a mostly neutral tube power amplifier.  While the overall frequency response is largely even like that of a solid state reference amplifier, the common tube amp deviation traits are present that both liven and thicken up the sound slightly.  As such they are ideal as-is with accurate modeling platforms and tube amps sent to dummy load + line out devices. For platforms that need the little extra scoop of modestly configured guitar tube amp driven files, this is quickly and easily accomplished by implementing the following simple post processing adjustment:"
    What they mean here is: lets say there is a platform that need extra scoop - they do not say Helix or whatever other modeller needs that. The impedance curves are already implemented in amp models. I have a lot of bad impulse responses captured with tube power amps (even comercial ones). Their creators thought tube amp adds some magic to IR. All that "magic" unfortunatelly can not be captured to IR. They seem not to know the impedance curve affects frequency response of a tube amp/cab tandem a lot - there is a peak at cab resonance frequency and hf rise. Harmonic distortion converts to noise and uneven freq response is troublesome to revert. Still some users likes them better because they are scooped. This is why Ownhammer gives some hints if somebody feels "impedance curve treated" IRs are "better" or for amps recorded with resistance dummy load which does not have impedance curve influence. The problem is tube power amps (or their models) are affected different way with impedance curve. It depends of eg feedback or no feedback design so making universal prescription is not possible.

    Back to Global EQ - it is meant to fix wedge (frfr) perception. Of course you can use that for whatever you like but not for the reason you claim.

  5. 14 hours ago, CraigGT said:

    I'd still argue that 10 feet of cable doesn't have an impedance (other than the one on the label that determines the price :-) )  

    Maybe capacitance matters, maybe termination, maybe the precision of receiver? I don't know. Lots of reading like that and I conclude I don't know enough ;)
    I remember 20 years ago I was working in Digidesign Session8 based studio. There were no avialable 75ohm SPDIF cables at all in my country. We used cheap consumer RCA for sessions to DAT backups (HDDs were expensive those times). It was quite straightforward method - digital audio files were recorded as audio - you could even monitor that. If you recreated the session, audio was put back to wav files and it was easy to check those files were bit to bit identical.
    I also did several tests of simple AES/EBU to SPDIF "converter" where hot XLR signal was just connected to RCA tip. I had no idea any pad was required to meet the electrical standards. :D It just worked and was bit to bit identical. I was really surprised Helix LT AES/EBU output can not be connected this way to my SPDIF receivers and I need to make at least "resistor pad converter". This time there are three levels of compatibility: 
    1. Full AES/EBU2SPDIF data conversion (this need some kind of DSP)
    2. Electrical compatibility of impedances and voltage (this requires transformer and pad)
    3. Electrical compatibility only in voltage terms
    Unfortuatelly in case of L6 link the customer can not make any test I can imagine than listening so maybe it is wise to use 110ohm cable just to feel good you did the best to keep audio transfer quality and to avoid issues...
    Or maybe "if it sounds right - it is right"? :D

  6. I personally never had an issue with AES/EBU and SPDIF interfacing with regular audio cables on up to 10m long runs, but if you want to go cheap and still keep the "110 ohm standard" there are 110ohm cables sold as "DMX cables".

  7. I have just tested 4 resistors pad "converter" (schematic above) my friend has made for me. He did it on SMD resistors soldered to small veroboard hidden in XLR then connected to regular 3m unbalanced instrument cable. Works perfectly.
    I have found simpler versions if somebody want to diy:
    3 resistors pad:

    2 resistors:

  8. I have an idea for a usefull video:
    Let's prepare loud ground loop or/and  EMI noise enviroment:
    1. Connect Hx with 1/4 TS jacks
    2. Connect Hx with 1/4 TS jack by a transformer isolator (like Behringer HD400)
    3. Connect Hx with 1/4 TRS jack (Yes, Hx 1/4' outputs and sends use TRS impedance balanced connections)
    4. Connect HX with 1/4 TRS jack by a transformer isolator
    5. Connect Hx with XLR (no ground lift)
    6. Connect Hx with XLR (ground lifted) 
    7. Connect Hx with XLR by di-box with balanced XLR input grounded
    8. Connect Hx with XLR by di-box with balanced XLR ground lifted

    Also connect laptop to Hx thru USB with PSU :)
    ...also connect your guitar amp 

    Then you can henestly share your observations or even call it "experience" ;)

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  9. I am looking for something more affordable than Behringer.
    I was always using simple XLR hot to RCA tip adapter with various AES/EBU output devices, but this time all I get is noise. 
    Will this kind of pad work?

  10. What is your troubleshooting procedure?
    Have you:
    Replaced your stomps chain with patch cord and compared?
    Compared two FX Loops with patch cord?
    Tried to set FX loops instrument and live levels?
    Tried to test separate stompboxes for their bypass behavior?

  11. GSP1101 line level is 23dBu FS, Helix (line level) is 18dBu FS.
    It should not bother you because Helix Volume Knob is a digital attenuator (before DAC) so turning it counterclockwise deteriorates SN ratio.
    And yes you can also do something wrong in setting levels and keeping too big headroom.

  12. Well, you can call it workaround, however while I have no idea how it works - it works. One drawback is you have to save presets twice, cause Reaper somehow "doubles" or "overrides" Hx presets.
    To me switching it is no more glitchy than changing presets on hardware Helix. The gap is almost the same.

  13. As I stated in the second post, there is no problem in changing HxN presets in Reaper (and other VST hosts/DAWs) via "Reaper Plugin Presets" automated by Midi Program Changes.
    Please read my manual and try yourself. It works.

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