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  1. Only one IR loader that used to add some eq was Peavey Revalver 4 RIR.
    I have not noticed any malfunction of Helix IR loader. I usually check IRs with NadIR before I load them to Hx. No audiable difference. I used LeCab way back in 32bit times.
    Check if you accidentially turn Hx IR LPF on.

    Some Hx IRs (called Cabs) are playable.

    I don't understand your experiment proposal. You are the one claiming Hx IR loader is "dark". I can't confirm that. The burden of proof is on your side.

  2. I have no experience in midi over usb with helix on android. I used to play with some midi/osc android apps over wifi but not the way I could help you. I don't even know if direct usb midi connection Helix - Android is possible.
    However I found that topic interesting, because lot of midi/osc apps are common for iOS and Android.




    3 hours ago, Maestro77 said:

    another question:

    my whole sytem is hooked to the helix.

    so when i listen on spotify or watch on netflix etc. it all goes through the heilx into my adam monitors.

    should i set some special settings for this to achieve best quality?


  4. 2 minutes ago, codamedia said:

    I/O pairs are irrelevant. They are not meant to work as a team, they are meant to match the input and output device. 

    No. The unity gain is for input/output team. What comes in, comes out at no gain change.


    4 minutes ago, codamedia said:

    You cannot accomplish UNITY output when both I/O are set to instrument and you plug a LINE source to the input!

    Yes you can. If line level signal is within the headroom, there is no problem.

  5. 1 minute ago, brue58ski said:

    The Master volume knob is setup such that it is unity gain when it is turned all the way up

    True for line level input, line level output pair and instrument level input, instrument level output pair.

  6. As far as I can figure it out, the Volume Knob controls analog attenuator for chosen Hx outputs. 
    If this is the case, when you have clipping at DSP chain or DA converter, Volume Knob can not help you. It can protect only overdrive of next input Hx is connected to.

  7. Nobody is mad at you. Please don't make things up.
    Don't use that hub any more.
    ASIO4ALL does not let any multimedia sound to play for the devices it grabs as "fake ASIO".This is the expected behavior described in A4A manual.
    Helix Volume Knob is really analog attenuator which can control only Helix outputs.
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
    People with routing dyslexia should not make any complicated routing.
    53 is nice age!

  8. 9 minutes ago, Phil_GMC said:

    Zolko60, Sorry buddy, I don't even understand the question. You mean using Helix and Focusrite? I like to use it how I use it, it works for me unless something oddball happens.

    Never mind. I have asked three questions.
    Sure you can use something with no issues until you start to have issues. The issue you happen to have is because you are using two interfaces. That makes you confused. ASIO4ALL - poor WDM driver overlay is used to aggregate devices. I don't even know if Focusrite mikser have any chance to work corretly in such enviroment.
    For me it is begging for issue.

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  9. 39 minutes ago, Kilrahi said:

    In fact, swap the Vox cabinet with your favorite Marshall amp and you would notice that it starts to sound a lot like the Vox sound you've always loved BUT with the Marshall controls. So you could control the Vox sound in a Marshall way, which is kind of cool when you think about it. However, perfectly capturing those sounds with the perfect microphone in EXACTLY the way you want it is an absolute pain in the butt, and this is where the joy of IRs come in. Once you, or somebody else has done it in a way that does exactly what you need, you can capture the IR of that, slap it on the end of your cab sim, and walla, now you have it ready to go whenever, or wherever, you need it.  It's beautiful.  

    What IR technology are you talking? What IR (except Kemper) technology can reproduce Marshall or Vox overdrive?
    Have you ever swapped amps/cabs and could not recognize your amp behavior?

  10. Of course Kemper technology has its drawbacks. It can not predict how circuts will behive outside the impulse range.

    I am experiencing a lot of companies and guys claiming that eg. IR should be made with tube amp because it adds that "tube feeling". Their IRs are almost useless for me - captured with impedance curve affected frequency response and distortion converted to IR noise. :(

  11. If you feel IRs are enough for capturing amps, go for it. You don't need any amp modeler.
    But seriously - classical FIR, IIR technology do not capture any distortion (non linearity). They can capture only frequency ,phase and reverb response.
    Kemper impulse technology is brilliant. For so many years it has not been replicated in any other DSP algorithm.

  12. It can be!
    I do not know anything about Studio One 4 and your operating system, but on Windows, any ASIO DAW/host I use requests sample rate and buffer size and gets it. No pops and crackles, just higher latency than expected.

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