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  1. 8 hours ago, jacobmilton said:

    what is BBD?

    Helix buckets are dissapionting :( I happen to have EHX Memory Toy with BBD chips made by Behringer which is inferior to Memory Man. Comparision with Hx simulation is painful. Helix Buckets are dark and muffled. I do not understand why keep max delay time compatible with "originals" while sound is far from being "original" simulated.

  2. Thank you!
    I see Motu interfacing and latency performance is just like my dream of Helix II. (Who knows, maybe AVB, Dante, AES67 are compatible already?)
    Still there are cheap USB2 interfaces on the market with similar RTL performance.
    I just hooked up my 2003 Digidesign Mbox 1. At 128 samples buffer @48kHz 20ms RTL - the same perfomance as Helix ASIO at the same settings.

    8 hours ago, stevenew said:

    I am seriously thinking of getting a converter so I can take the Helix SPDif coax out to the SPDif optical in on the MOTU

    There are cheap SPDIF RCA to SPDIF optical converters on the market. AES/EBU (present in HxF, HxR, HxLT) can be easilly "converted" to SPDIF by using XLR to RCA cable with cold NOT CONNECTED to ground/shield. Always worked for me.

  3. You can try, nothing dangerous should not happen.
    Mikes have very low voltage on low impedance, using unbalanced input you lose 6dB. The signal after AD conversion will be very low. This is why mic preamps were invented.
    Set guitar input to the lowest possible impedance, use one or two boosters - maybe you can push it to usable level.
    BTW - You can also try passive transformer Di box reversed.

  4. 15 minutes ago, codamedia said:

    Now take that same procedure into a music store and test 20 different physical amps instead of testing with amp models in the Helix :) 

    Will you pay me for that? Will you believe me I did it? Will you assume the test conditions are the same same as yours?

  5. I think I can understand it.
    If this is the case sharing opinions on this topic makes no sense cause each case is diffrent, subjective, not measureable.
    Hovever scientific approach is about finding common ground, test, demonstrate, replicate the results and help someone with the knowledge collected this way.

  6. Actually, the audiable difference is easy to check. You make a preset with hi gain amp model and place FX Loop DSP block in front, loopback it with patch cord and listen how much noise is added. Then you make a preset with 1/4" Out as send for the same Return, and listen. You can even compare instrument level with line level setting in both cases or Volume Knob influence.
    RMAA measured S/N ratio is about 110dBA in both cases.

  7. It does not matter what 1/4" inputs/outputs you use. They are almost identical. All outputs are TRS impedance balanced. That called "1/4" Output" can be controlled with Volume Knob. "Guitar Input" has variable impedance, pad and can not be set to "line level".
    Very same noise performance, same impedances, no difference.

  8. HxN does not have anything ASIO related. It is just VST or AAX (Win) plugin.
    Reaper can use ASIO drivers.
    All of ASIO drivers I know have no limitations for ASIO clients number.
    ASIO4ALL is overlay for WDM driver. Its limitation is you can not use WDM driver for device it grabs for eg. multimedia sound.
    No point of ASIO4ALL usage unless you do not have (good) ASIO driver for your hardware or you want to aggregate devices.
    I do not know of any ASIO implementation for Spotify software.

  9. On 12/9/2018 at 6:46 PM, JeremiahEdward said:

    All I want to do is toggle back and forth between Path A/B. I can set a footswtich to do this, but 9 times out of 10, somehow the light indicating which state the amps are in gets swapped.

    This is what you claimed in your first post. Your "problem" was it does not work correctly. It does. No sign of forum users trying to solve your "problem" pointed to "not possible".

  10. On 12/11/2018 at 10:28 PM, jonandtice said:

    Eventually someone will have it worked out and merged into the kernel for everyone to enjoy.  By the time that happens we will be on Helix firmware version 4.5.

    I thought compiling the kernel is just regular skill of every Ubuntu user.

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