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  1. On 12/13/2018 at 7:00 AM, Gritch666 said:

    Hey man,

    Sorry, but you won't get rid of all hiss and hum from Helix in the front of your crunchy amp. I use a Rivera kr100 and I put a mxr smart gate, seeing at minimum, just before my front input to remove the floor noise from Helix. The floor noise is inaudible in a clean amp, but once you start pumping gain, you can really ear an hiss.

    You won't now.
    It is obvious Helix needs some more advanced gating implementation. I mean a gate controled with one input while it affects another input/output. I don't see any point of using analog gates with Helix in the future unless you need to get rid of the last in the chain DA converter noise.
    BTW Lack of gate for FX loop is strange while all input blocks are gate equipped.

  2. Good questions!
    Actually when I make either Y or A/B split I hear my guitar louder, so there is no gain compensation.
    Split Y is even between A/B paths with respect to gain but you can adjust pan balance, so maybe there is some paning law compensation?
    Swapping A/B Paths works better with A/B Split automation than Merge Mixer automation because you can set level to minus infinity vs. -60dB in merge mixer what leaves some bleed.

    Exploring Helix is so exciting!

  3. I was also surprised how much noise add Hx send/return in front of high gain amp simulations. You can test it by pluging 1/4" patch cord and adding FX Loop block and listen.
    RMAA measuring still gives fair 111dBA S/N ratio.

    RMS power, dB
    RMS power (A-weighted), dB
    Peak level, dB FS



  4. I took a tech supp ticket for headphones amp wattage. Unfortunately they seem not to have such a spec, so I have asked my friend, HxF user over the ocean to measure it for me.
    He got whooping 1/4W for 8ohm load (for one side).
    Connecting Celestion V30 100dB speaker to that wattage gives 94dB SPL at 1m (3 feet) distance.

  5. 2 hours ago, duncann said:

    So it would in effect expand - to a switch by switch basis, instead of an entire preset only - the snapshot edit global for recall/discard. Keep the current global as it is, but if one wants to override that global for each switch, perhaps a couple of settings could be added to the command center for each assignable switch. There does seem to be room there for more. One encoder could determine where each switch gets its snapshot edit value from: Global/Recall/Discard. Another encoder could determine what to override: Entire Block/Parameters/Both. Could be useful.

    Sounds reasonable to consider.

    I have upvoted all six ideas phil_m found for me. Thank you!

  6. My quirk post was a joke (as I stated) but I found Jens from Hamburg who claims he has made it:

    Hi, me again
    In between i got the line6 helix working fine with a hack, which is to 
    set an arbitray rate i have readout from another interface on the same 
    bus. This works reliable so far, no more clicks, no xruns over several 
    hours. There must be som magic to get the true usbrate from this device, 
    but i did no fond a way yet, so my hack is more something unique for my 
    working situation.
    I also tried to get the implicite feeback from the capture interface to 
    the pb interface to get a proper sync_ep, but still the rate is plain stiff.
    Another problem is the mixer, which should be a plain passthrough. Cause 
    ctrl interface is somewhat broken pure alsa does not work, but jack can 
    create the device just fine.
    I attach below the lsusb dump from the helix + my hack and the resulting 
    working proc for further investigation.
    Any ideas and voodoo is welcome.
    Cheers ... Jens
  7. 4 minutes ago, phil_m said:

    I think there is an existing IdeaScale entry about this somewhere, as I remember someone bringing it up before.

    Let's find it then!

    4 minutes ago, phil_m said:

    I think there's a danger in having a lot of different parameters that affect things in ways that aren't entirely transparent.

    Of course it will be hundrets of threads about it. Albeit Helix is already rather complex computer device with steep learning curve.


    7 minutes ago, phil_m said:

    I think that's especially true when you're talking about people using third party presets and such.

    It will not change anything for them. If preset makers want to use such a feature, in their best interest is to teach customers how to use it.

  8. The owner manual is teaching users think about snapshots in "verse, bridge, chorus" pattern. It is OK for organized musicians but when it comes to improvisation, the current (2.70) snapshot implementation seems a little bit stiff.
    When I get three more users interested in this thread I promise to submit it to ideascale.

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