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  1. 3 minutes ago, PeterHamm said:

    Helix LT, Floor, Rack and HX Effects all feature no balanced outputs. Every 1/4" audio connection on those is TS.

    Are you sure? The only official spec I found states that 1/4" outputs are impedance-balanced TRS. I know this is not true balanced, but this type of balancing gives fair CMRR and is commonly used nowdays.


  2. I am so sorry to mislead you macnevine. No possibility to use traditional expression pedal with toe switch unless you have controller. Let's hope midi exp pedals with toe and heel switches are avialiable soon. In my patch I wanted to show you how to get three EXP pedals out of one existing with hidden toe switch.
    Hx Floor EXP pedal tension was discussed here. 


  3. Some preamp DSP blocks have serious gain shortage. Lots of them has negative gain when I need to keep them clean. I know I can put booster after the preamp block but I guess a preamp should be positive gain device with its "Master" acting like "Master attenuator".
    In the patch I created, Soup Pro is OK. At Gain 3, Master 10 - to get unity gain Channel Volume is set to 4, but Essex, Matchstick are horribly silent and shy. To set them clean I am 6-10dB below unity gain (with max master and channel volume)
    HxLT 2.70 firmare. 

  4. I have consulted this with my friend. He says shorting R amp to the ground is not safe (when TS is used). So TRS to TRS cable is proper connection.
    When paralleling, his advice is to use 0,1ohm, 1W "current sharing" resistors or to short T and R at the speaker TS side. To be sure both amps deliver the same signal it is good idea to place some mono DSP block before output (e.g mono volume).
    I found some confirmation on yt:

    I have submitted to ideascale the idea of publishing some specs of Helix to get to know the wattage of the headphone amp. If somebody is interested, please vote.

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  5. On 11/24/2018 at 12:19 AM, arkieboy said:

    My experience is that a 1024 IR block - which my ears say is more than enough to reproduce the frequency response of a speaker cabinet* - uses less resources than a cab block.


    *if you dig into the interwebs you can find the physics to back this up.

    In marketing texts Cabs are advertised as: Helix HX Hybrid cabs represent a new approach to the speaker cabinet capture process. They provide the same resolution and low-end accuracy as a 2048-point or higher Impulse Response, while only using roughly the same amount of DSP power as a 1024-point IR.
    As I understand IR resolution, making more samples IRs helps only with with longer reverb tails. However Cab block has early reflection reverb built in, so making this with IR could actually require 2048 samples IR.

    On 11/24/2018 at 12:19 AM, arkieboy said:

    Moreover, if you have multiple amps in your preset, you can swap out the IR loaded into your IR block on a snapshot-by-snapshot basis.  Which is a huge saving over having two cab blocks.

    Thank you for this tip. I did not think about that while building my presets.


    On 11/24/2018 at 9:20 AM, Guitarmaniac64 said:

    Line6 folk has more or less confirmed that stock cabs is created out of a netrual IR and than they use software calculation aka EQ curve to mimic the sound of the moved mic position backwards in center posistion of the cap that will say we dont have off axis or move towards the edge of the cone like Redwirez REAL IR's has.

    I don't belive such a being like "netutral IR" exists. Several companies claimed they have neutral "no mic" IR. Fake. no mic = no IR (in acoustic realm)


    On 11/24/2018 at 9:20 AM, Guitarmaniac64 said:

    Oh and b.t.w zolko60 when you post an idea on the ideascale thread here on the forum it is meant for the users to find a link of that idea on ideascale as if you post it here with no idea on ideascale (yes i searched for your ideascale and all other new ideas in that has been posted lately and sadly never got it to ideascale) it wont get upvoted.

    Iit is a stupid thread that needs to shut down plz MOD lest do it? 

    I was not approved on ideascale at the time. It is hard work to find out which idea is already submitted. However if you find any of my ideas worth to be voted, please take it as yours ;)
    Speaking of IR's - I would like to have 256 samples IR loader for EQ curves.

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  6. L6 link is described in manual as "alternative" for AES/EBU output. So my logic tells me they are routed and controlled as "Digital" while they use common XLR connector. I would leave current routing and add a split for "Digital" output to monitor via L6 then...
    ...but, at two places the maual suggests L6 output is independent of AES/EBU:
    "Digital Out Level Sets the AES/EBU output level. Normally, this should be left at 0.0dB." - page 52
    "The Global Ins/Outs settings are not necessary for L6 LINK" - page 23. This is curious. If not necessary, so how to route output to L6? Via Multi only?
    (I am using Helix LT manual)

  7. If they want they can always show  in this thread. I am not willing to bother customer support with my insane "amp from nothing" project :D Reading of paralleled amplifiers it seems to me that shorting T with R is safe enough. 
    Anyway, for my midnight playing needs I have enough power right now. Nobody can tell me now that using headphones or monitors is not what I hear using a real cab;) What I can do is even compare sound of amps I have to their Hx models at bedroom levels. It really interests me however if use of some other amp at the same volume would really be beneficial.
    BTW: I was always a problem to get cranked tube power amp sound at bedroom level. Even today a good reactive load box costs 1/3 of Helix LT.

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