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  1. Not really.  In my method MIDI CC# are maped to Helix plugin automation by Reaper. Reaper learns what you teach him. It was 1.5 version of HxN with no midi support. It is however good to know if and what CC data are transmitted from floorboard. For this purpose I use small, old Midiox utility. There should be some alternative for Mac users as well.
    HxN v1.6 and up brings more (redundant to my method) possibilities by adding MIDI control directly to the plugin.
    In my case changing snapshots with built-in midi does not work cause my floorboard switches can not transmit CC values other than 0 or 127.
    I thought that maybe built-in MIDI could be transmitted out of the plugin for changing fb switches state (reverse action and ilumination) after changing snapshot or preset but manual states that all "Command Center" functionality is disabled :(

  2. They are not actually Program Changes. You can automate Raper FX Preset Changes this way.
    Explained there:

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  3. Funny thing is I can read last topic on Helix Native subforum
    called from page

    but caliing HxN subforum returns an error 502
    <h3>We're sorry.</h3>
    <p>There seems to be a problem with the page that you've requested.</p>
    <p>Please try again later.</p>

  4. Tap Tempo in Reaper with midi CC switch:
    - Open "Actions" menu
    - In "Filter" field type "Tap" and choose "Transport: Tap tempo"
    - Presss "Add"
    - Tap your MIDI Switch, click OK
    - Press "Run/close"
    - In HxN upper right corner change bar icon (Per Preset) to watch icon (Host Sync)
    - In delays you want to tap, change "Time" to "Note Sync by pressing watch icon
    - Use dotted 1/8 to mimic The Edge ;)


  5. It is 2018, XXI century. Still Round Trip Latency RTL is a mystery and hardly interface makers give it as SPEC POSITION. I know it depends on whole lot of factors but:
    - there are typical Windows and Apple laptops, desktops - even if one has different machine, results are comparable,
    - there are typical audio optimizations for specific operating system,
    - there are typical DAW's and audio hosts,

    You don't need to rely on software RTL reports or install "RTL utilities". Hooking cable to one input, routing output from DAW track another input (loopback) shows whole RTL for given interface - YES, it is so easy!
    Judgment if system is stable and audio artefacts free does not have to be subjective opinion neither.

    Line 6 guys - please consider!

  6. There is indeed some problem with snapshots which could be called a "bug".
    If you assign automation for DSP block prior to its bypass state in other snaphots, their bypass state is neither remembered nor stored.
    The workaround is to assign bypass back to default "None" then make bypasses in other snaphots and then reassign bypass automation to "Switch". 
    My setup is Win10 i5M laptop, NI KA6 interface, Reaper 5.62 hosting HxN 1.5 and Vox TLLE as MIDI controller. 

  7. Yeah, if you happen to have interface with >120dB dynamic range and low noise, maybe leaving 18dB headroom is good idea but...
    ...if you have just budget small USB powered box:
    - bang your loudest guitar as strong as you can and set input level (at peaks) just under the digital ceiling (0dBFS) - it will give you about 10-20dB headroom in "regular playing" unless you are extreme heavy hitter.
    - if you really experience that your virtual amps gains are set lower comparing to real ones, just lower HxN digital input volume. 

  8. Still in shock how nice it works!
    Looking for workarounds of some drawbacks I have mainly due to my floorboard limits I have found these plugins:
    I have not tried them yet but they promise to translate various midi (or audio) actions to different ones. If you can imagine for example changing any HxN wah to autowah using Audio2CC 

    Free, vst host and OS independent (most of them)


  9. Don't give up! Isolate a problem. If you are having fun in replacing amp tube preamp with Helix preamps, use passive loop switch and check how the noise and sound behaves while switching a real thing to emulation. I would be glad to read/hear what the comparission is (soundwise and noisewise) on similar (virtual vs analog) preamps.
    Do the same with fx loop - I mean helix in your amps fx loop vs pair of cables. I am even curious how a pair of Helix AD/DA converters alone in the path compare to a pair of cords.
    Please share - it can be important.

    Yeah, I know such a "modular thinking" is not popular ;)

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