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  1. When you play guitar there is no tone if the pedal is all the way up - if I start to push the pedal down I then get the pitch i am looking for so if there is no guitar tone before I push pedal its out of key


    If the pedal is all the way up no sound at all - hope this helps haven't looked into it more 

    So maybe you have it connected both as analog volume pedal and expression pedal to some midi device? David Gilmour misconnected input and output of wah and discovered seagull effect ;)

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  2. You are missing that HxN has to be "preset compatible" to hardware based on Analog Devices Sharc DSP which has 15% power of 2011 3gen i5 mobile CPU according to my comparision at 10ms CPU latency (vs probably a couple of us with Sharc). 

  3. "Standalone" means developer has to write own VST Host. That host must be stable and efficient. While operating sytems do not support signal routing those "standalones" have their drawbacks. With all my respect to Line6 I have much better plugins than some of HxN "blocks". For example VallhalaDSP plugins you can compare to Strymon stomps or even Bricasti. Peavey has made standalone version with possibilty of loading vst plugins. It works crappy, I am not able to bypass them using midi.
    So for me "standalone" sounds like software made not for target of creative musicians who care of their unique sound and do more than one thing on their laptops/pads .
    For now there is no feature of plugin/good vst host tandem I would do better on  "standalone". 

  4. I don't see any reason why expression pedal do not work in Ableton while works under every host I tried. 
    Midi program changes would be nice but can be overrided using daw/host plugin preset changing (possible in Reaper). Anyway if switching presets make audio gap their use is limited.
    "needs more command here" - what exactly? I miss only "delay tap"
    Multiple knobs and switches assigment would also be nice eg to switch beetwen wah and whammy having only one expression pedal avialable or to switch "multistomp" built of separate blocks. First example can not be replaced by snapshot.
    Guys at Line6 know HxN plugin has to be as "preset compatible" to hardware as possible.

  5. You are welcome!
    I was trying to get rid of that second track for midi program changes routing but it seems one track can not record (handle) midi and audio input at once.

    Another thing that matters: If you look at HxN window upper right corner between "Param" and "UI" buttons there is 2in 2out button. Disabling 2 to "Stereo in R" ensures what comes into plugin is what comes from A/D converter and not doubled (6dB up) even when HxN track is "Forced mono" to Input 1.

    Vox Tonelab LE used an MIDI floorboard is very basic midi controller. There are no presets. Switches can send only 0/127 Control Change value. To make Expression Pedal swith on and off (like wah pedal) I have to double that switch with "regular" one.  Some serious MIDI switcher could have much more options like transmitting CC of programmed value what would be useful for HxN snapshot switches.

    Another useful complement would be backward switching of florboard switches state cause after changing snapshot there is a bloody mess :D I do not know it it possible at all. Plugins should be transmiting automation data to host to translate it back to midi, don't they? But what if HxN transmits only one snapshot index?

  6. Here is description how to make working live Helix Native 1.5 rig using laptop. I hope it will help someone. Operating system is Windows 10, Reaper 5 (64) is hosting Helix. Midi floorboard is Vox Tonelab LE. Four bottom switches of ToneLab are switchable to send either Program Changes or Control Changes. There is one Expression Pedal. MIDI OUT from Tonelab is conected to MIDI IN in NI Komplete Audio 6 interface on 64 samples buffer, 48kHz, 10ms Round Trip Latency. Laptop is equipped with two core i5-2430M CPU, 16GB RAM. Heavy presets using all HxN power are giving about 15% of CPU load monitored by Windows Task Manager. Tonelab controls HxN automation Knobs, Switches and Snaphot Indexes by assigning Track FX/FX/Param//FX Parameter List/Learn. This is described in this video:

    Preset Change's can not be assigned to ToneLab Program Changes using that method, but there are also Reaper "FX Presets" you can store and load. There is "+" menu and "Link to MIDI Program Change"/Channel 1. To switch presets on HxN audio track you have to create another MIDI track. It is described in this video:
    Incoming MIDI events for that MIDI track 2 must be routed to Track 1. Notice that Preset Changes are causing audio gap. This is why to archive gapless "pseudo amp channel swiching" with adjacent stompboxes and even cabs during playing, HxN snapshots just work better. One floorboard toogle switch sending off/on (0/127) Control Change value can switch between 1st and 8th HxN snapshot. Maybe Reaper "Actions" and "SWS Extensions" can be also helpful but I have no experience using them. I connected only MIDI out of my floorboard so switching it's toggle switches (and their diodes) state backwards is not possible. If you do your setup and save - it is "set and forget". Reaper (unlike eg Pro Tools) stores track arming and starts with last file loaded. Having it working from switching laptop on takes less than one minute.
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  7. Snaphot automation should be common for DAW's and VST hosts supporting "translating" MIDI commands to plugin automation.
    If you know how to map and assign Midi Control Changes to HxN "switches" and "knobs" you will know how to assign "Snapshot indexes". While HxN switches have only two values (off=0, on=127), snaphot indexes have 8 (0-15, 15-31... 111-127). Using only one Midi Toggle Switch (which gives Control Change of 0 or 127) you will change between 1st and 8th snapshot. This alone gives pretty powerful possibilities. For example you can (with one tap) change amp and cab and "block" of stompboxes leaving all but one florboard switches for separate stomps. Usually in live situation two switchable complete rigs are just overkill ;) Of course if you play in cover band and Andy Summers and Eddie Van Halen rigs are not enough because you need also Hammet and Santana rigs, you have to change program (preset) somehow :D
    One feature I miss using two (or more) snapshots is I can not control wah and pitch pedal with one expression pedal becasuse they can have only only one assignment :(
    This is a tutorial how to make MIDI controllers work for plugins in Reaper:

  8. I don't think Preset Change is possible using automation.
    Back to Live Professor 2. My reality is not so cool. There is a menu "Controllers". In "Edit Controllers" you define your florboard midi device, and if you have Helix Native loaded, in "Map controllers" you assign HxN switches and knobs to switches and knobs of your controller. Sounds like success but... works pretty crappy. A lot of cotroller data is "lost in translation" somehow. I did it to chek HxN wahs. It does's not work fluently. There are about 100-200ms ms lag. Disabling not used midi devices helps a little but still 10-20% of data is lost..
    I have done this evaluation on 5 years old laptop with 3rd gen 2 core i5 2,4GHz CPU and 16GB RAM. Using HxN LP2 shows 30% of CPU Load at 64 samples buffer on NI Komplete Audio 6 interface (which gives about 10ms Round Trip Latency) - so I don't think the problem is hardware related. LP2 handles audio very stable but for some reason after couple of minutes of work meters refresh slow down and contolling lag increases.
    Still evaluating but I don't think this "Rig" is giving any promise.

  9.  The most important thing that it brings to the table that some others don't, is that you can safe the entire Helix Native plugin state as a "snapshot" in Live Professor itself. This is crucial currently because Helix Native does (at the point of this writing) not support snapshots or preset changes through MIDI or automation. That means that in Live Professor, I only have one Helix Live instance with one preset active. Once I configured that preset with Amps and effects to my liking, I safe this current state as a snapshot in Live Professor. Live Professor lets me switch between these snapshots seamlessly and I can create Setlists for my concerts that correctly activate the snapshots I need for each song. This in turn can then be mapped to MIDI controls so I can use my MIDI floorboard to switch through my snapshots, each snapshot corresponding to a different amp and effects configuration in Helix Native.  Live Professor lets me switch between these snapshots seamlessly and I can create Setlists for my concerts that correctly activate the snapshots I need for each song. This in turn can then be mapped to MIDI controls so I can use my MIDI floorboard to switch through my snapshots, each snapshot corresponding to a different amp and effects configuration in Helix Native. You can also map MIDI controls to turn Effects in Helix Native on and off or to control Knobs of Amps etc. on and off or to control Knobs of Amps etc. 

    Thank you you have shared good news. I did similar setup. but I don't know how to make "automation handles" from Helix Native be MIDI controlled. Where exactly do you assign those automation handles? For example in Helix Native you assign "distortion bypass" to "switch 1". Where can I find that "switch 1" in Live Professor and map it to MIDI CC?

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