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  1. I have now downloaded the Line6 updater as advised on the Line6 website & tried to carry out the update as per their instructions.

    When the programme says select device to update there are no devices shown to update.

    I check in my computer settings & it shows that the TT is connected to my computer but says driver error ?

    This is a new computer running windows 10 &  a new lead I bought to go between the TT & computer.

  2. I just got an Amplifi TT & can"t get it to work !

    When I first downloaded the app it said I had to do a firmware update before using it.

    3 times I tried this & each time after over an hour of updating the bluetooth connection dropped & I got a message saying update failed.

    Now when I turn the TT on all 4 of the tone leds flash continuously & also the bluetooth light flashes continuously for a while then goes off ? 

    Also there is no light around the vol/blend knob irrespective of where I turn it ?

    Nothing on the TT works & now my phone says it can"t connect to the TT.


  3. So I have a problem with the above amp.

    When I turn it on all the the lights flash on for a second then they all go off.

    The amp is dead.

    I have checked all the connections (including ribbons) & all seems fine.

    I have tried a factory hard re-set holding the A & D channel buttons down when turning on.

    This results in all the lights flashing on for a second but the A channel light stays on although the amp is still dead ?

    Any ideas ?

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