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  1. I am using two Altos in stereo. One TS212 and one TS312. Combination works pretty well as they each have a different sound. Lots of tweaking but I have a well giggable sound and volume is no issue. If they're on the floor they do suffer with the coupling effect and become more boomy. They're great on stands or flight cases though. Must admit I had thought of trying a couple of Yamahas but the Altos are good value. Haven't tried the Headrush but I've heard its exactly the same bar the preamp. Interested to hear if anyone has compared the Altos to the Yamaha DRX's.

  2. I currently have a TS212 and a TS312 and run them in stereo. Essentially I purchased my Helix LT about 9 months ago and also picked up a 212 to give modelling a go with a modest investment. Ended up buying the 312 to give me stereo which is great. I have several great tube amps, bluesbreaker, DRRI etc. And I have to sayIt’s taken a lot of tweaking, Celestion IRS etc but I have now got a giggable rig. Still not the full tube amp experience but it is less hassle.


    Using a low cut at about 100hz and a high cut at about 7k is a must for me. Takes away the unrealistic frequencies your not going to hear with a trad amp. Honestly thought about upgrading from the Altos to Yamaha or QSC but not sure I would get a much better sound for quite a bit more dosh. Still not sure I will switch over completely, I don’t have or have ever used in ears so I am kind of replacing my traditional back line with two Altos. Essentially it’s not much more convenient but it’s been an interesting experience. So much so I have even thought about a Fractal...

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