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  1. It'd probably add $200-250 to the box, without the transmitter, which would be another $199. Are people willing to pay that sort of premium for built-in G70-level wireless?


    On the upside, each preset could instantly switch channels/guitars and cable tone, so that'd be cool.


    My wish list for Helix 2 is bigger than yours.  :P



    BOSS have just done it with the katana Air. Looks interesting

  2. I'm having trouble using Helix in 4CM into a tube amp. The core tone with no effects on is louder, brighter and sterile souding compared to guitar straight to amp. However, when I use Helix through the effects loop only for reverb and delay the amps core tone is exactly the same (guitar straight into amp input). The problem is when I use the Helix into the front of the amp input. I have set the Helix outputs to instrument but it's still not sounding right.


    What's the best in/outs and settings for 4CM you have found to preserve the amps core tone? Amp is a Mesa Boogie Express 5:25+

  3. I'm at a loss here. reinstalled Helix 2.30 firmware, reinstalled Focusrite Saffire Mix Control 3.7, tried new lead and I still get no sound. The Saffire Mix Control meters are spiking as though there is signal but guitar is not plugged in. When I turn the volume knob down on the Helix to 0 the activity in the meters stops. I thought the digital outs were not faceted by the volume knob?


    Could the Helix digital out be faulty?


    I don't have another device with digital SPDIF out to rule out the Saffire Pro 14 as being the issue

  4. Thanks. I have inputs set in Mix 1 within Mixcontrol. If I leave the Saffire as Internal I get a digital static crunch sound that repeats over and over "click click". When I set it to sync over SPDF the click click stops but the meters are jumping all over the place but there is no sound.


    I wonder if my SPDIF cable is damaged? 

  5. Just got a new Helix and upgraded firmware to 2.30, reset global parameters and am running HX Edit 2.30. Helix works fine and passes audio through 1/4 outs and headphones.


    I have connected Helix SPDIF out to my Focusrite Saffire Pro 14, set Helix to Digital out = SPDIF and sample rate is 48KHz. When I set the Saffire pro to Sync Source SPDIF and sample rate to 48KHz I get no sound but the meters are jumping about as though there is a loud signal passing through but I hear nothing, the Sync light doesn't illuminate on the Focusrite.


    The Focusrite is connected to monitors and an iMac running MacOS High Sierra.


    What am I doing wrong?


    I had a Helix earlier this years and connected up and got sound no problem.

  6. OK thanks. I will try the pre-amps. Also going to have a play with the KWB model, not tried it before and while it may help get me closer to the sound I'm after.


    As for Message In A Bottle, in my opinion we need a model of a (no-deluxe) Electric Mistress for that.

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  7. Please take great care when mentioning the MIAB tone on this forum (and many others) - for that way lays madness. Be ready for the sh!t storm you are about to unleash my friend. Unless you are "itsslash", "guitar player" or whatever, then you should know better by now.

    P.S. Are you confusing Andy Timmons with Andy Summers, because that's just plain weird!

    Let's be having you.

    I haven't got a clue what you're on about. Oh and I'm not your friend.


    Marshall In A Box pedal like the Angry Charlie (there are many others but my favourite is the JHS Angry Charlie)


    This forum is strange.

  8. I have just bought a Morgan PR12 as I wanted a nice simple clean amp for home playing. If I want to use my Helix for effects only into the front (The Morgan has no effects loop), Where should I set the Volume knob, is full volume unity gain with no amp model engaged?


    What about the impedance setting, leave it at 'auto'?





  9. I have tried a FRFR powered speaker with my Helix, a Yamaha DXR10 and didn't like it so am looking at getting a valve amp, but one of the amps I have shortlisted is a Fender 68 Custom Vibrolux which has no effects loop.


    If I used the Helix with the Vibrolux into the front for drives, modulation and delay, does anyone foresee any issues? Will this sound as good as separate pedals?


    I know delays don't always sound best through the front but I would be looking to use the more analog models such as the tape and memory man.


    Anyone have any experience? any issues with noise etc?



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