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  1. On 3/19/2018 at 10:19 AM, hurghanico said:


    you can flash the firmware in offline mode, ie go to the DOWNLOAD section of this site, choose your device, choose flash memory, and your operating system, and save the latest firmware file on your desktop..

    then disconnect you computer from internet otherwise the monkey app will hung forever if the L6 servers are not responding and the internet connection is active,

    with the device connected, open the monkey app, when it recognizes your device, select Flash Memory and press Update From File button, and when asked where is the firmware file, point to the one previously saved on your desktop, and let the procedure start and finish


    I would love to try this particular method, except Monkey will not recognize my HD500x.  For some reason, when the servers are disconnected, it will only recognize devices that have been recognized during a previous load (when the network was able to connect). So, I cannot even offline flash my firmware. :( Hopefully they get this server back up soon. I've even tried using VPN's , hoping that an EU or JPN line6 server would connect...no dice.

  2. I know it's happened in the past... and it seems to have happened again. My line 6 Monkey cannot connect to Line 6 Servers.  I tried the three older methods of "fixing" the problem by uninstalling/reinstalling (including a registry clean). I also tried to deleting content of the app data folder (windows 7), as well downgrading to various older versions of Monkey. No joy.  I'd really like to flash my new HD500x with the latest firmware... any help?

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