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  1. On 4/3/2018 at 2:41 PM, Steveclerget said:


    i've read your post many times to know how to respond and it was a good thing to do so.....


    There are two  answers the "would" and the "you have to"    ;)


    I wouldn't recommand an amp if you want to change the modelling of amp with firehawk because even if you have a clean one, the cab will change the color of the modeling whatever the way your inputs....You can eventually do it, it works but.....


    I've seen that you have a Shuriken, so i think you'll want to play the acoustics and resonators models, there's no other choice than the FRFR speaker !



    Has anyone had good results using the Firehawk with an amp (either in the loop, or clean in the front) by selecting "no cab"?

    I was thinking of using the effects loop so that for some patches, I could use the my amp's tone and select "no amp" & "no cab". For other tones, I would keep the effects loop switched off, use an amp tone (e.g. Fender amp for country stuff) but still select "no cab". Obviously some EQ-ing would be needed, but I'm hoping it could be a versatile setup.

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