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  1. Hello,

    sorry for the translation, I'm using Google translator, because I'm from Quebec.


    From Helix Edit, with my Helix, version 2.70.0, I'm unable to save a preset on my computer , with Windows 10.

    This is what I do,in the picture below

    Thanks to help me,

    Merci beaucoup de m'aider,




    Ma procédure.jpg

  2. 9 hours ago, silverhead said:

    No - installing HX Edit does not update the firmware. However, the HX Edit installation package that you downloaded included a program called Line 6 Updater. You need to run that, with Helix connected via USB, to update the firmware.


    Thank you so much sylverhead. Very simple when it is well explained . Everything is done, my firmware is up to date.

    Also, the problems I had with several downloaded presets that were not working, well, everything is fixed now

    Thank you very much!!




  3. Hi, 

    first, excuse my language. I'm french. So, thanks Google translator!

    I bought a HELIX floor two weeks ago. I downloaded and installed HX Edit 2.7

    My questions: does this mean that I updated the firmware by installing HX Edit 2.7.
    If not, how to update the firmware?

    Thanks for your help. Very appreciate

  4. On 11/1/2018 at 5:19 AM, SteveFrance said:

    Helix edit is the software delivered with the helix pedal. It commands and communicates with the helix. So you can programm all your presets directly on the device or by this way.

    Nevertheless, to come back on the language problem, there's no matter to understand things on helix. You press a button, choose what you will put (a delay, reverb, , dynamic, amp, distorted...) and tweak the different parameters. You will understand all without matters. The most important thing is the order/placement of stomps in the chain.


    Tu habites ou  ?

    Hi, i'm from Quebec, near of Quebec city.

    Placement of stomps in the chain??? The stomp??? In google tranlslate, stomp = piétins. If i translate "piétin" from french to english: root rot!

    So, I do not know the meaning of stomp !!! Sorry....: )



  5. 10 hours ago, SteveFrance said:

    Salut Dany,


    What do you want it for ? On the device itself or on Helix edit ?

    I think there's no need about it because in french it would be the same for a lot of terms ....




    Hi SteveFrance, and thank you.  I don't know the Helix at all. I was talking about the display on the device. What do you mean by Helix Edit?

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