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  1. Some more updates here.




    Makes a huge difference if you want all amps to have more clean headroom. Even on low output single coils this makes far more amps usable for me (I am primarily a clean player). I wish someone had suggested this early on, best overall change to my Helix yet.

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  2. 2 hours ago, bigolsparky said:

    If you have active electronics and like a little extra thump on the low end, the Helix will distort badly as the additional low end overdrives the Helix.  I have used it for a live gig but prefer my MarkBass Momark and 410 cab.  They are fairly light and compact.  I do love Helix for guitar though.  If I used passive basses, I would certainly use the Helix.


    Did you try the input pad?

  3. 1 hour ago, mitchmarkell said:

    Thanks for responding, but I'm not sure how to configure inputs. This guitar has two separate 1/4" jacks. So I would be plugging in two separate cables. 


    Plug one into 'Guitar In', and the other into 'Aux In'. Change the input paths to accept those respectively.

  4. So I believe I have solved the issue, thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I checked a few other presets and they seem way louder than my preset. But I think the keyword is seem, since they are far brighter than my preset. I added the LA Studio Comp as a limiter at the end of the chain and that helped immensely. I also dialed back the amp's channel and master volume slightly and the issue seems to be gone. I think the LA Studio Comp was the real magic here.


    Thanks again!


    1 hour ago, jbuhajla said:

    Forgot to ask, is the OP a new Helix user? Sometimes new users think the "fizz, sizzle, or whatever" is "digital clipping" since they are not used to full range modeling systems. If you use a VERY clean tone (not relatively clean) like the JC120 model, do you still get the clipping?


    It is not fizz/sizzle, I have used other modelers before and am familiar with those type of tones. Valid concern though.

  6. 18 minutes ago, jbuhajla said:

    I have found that if your preset output is set to MULTI and your headphone setting is set on MULTI, the headphone output will be increased because you are getting the signal from multiple outputs going through the headphone out. Try setting your preset output to 1/4" or XLR and your headphone to 1/4 or XLR to see if that decreases the phone output and prevents clipping. 


    Thank you, I will try that. If anything though, the volume is too quiet. Just clips. It must be how I have my patch dialed in.

  7. 50 minutes ago, DunedinDragon said:

    I think you need to be a bit more specific here to determine if it's in the headphones or Helix.  What level do you have your headphone out volume set at on the Helix?  Have you tried it through studio monitors or some other output?  Is it only when you listen to the recorded track or is it there when you simply play through the headphones?  Does it happen on different patches?  You need to tell us a bit more about what steps you've gone through to troubleshoot it.


    It happens even at 50% headphone output. It also happens through studio monitors. It happens when I play through the headphones. It is probably my patch, but the patch is quite simple.


    43 minutes ago, cruisinon2 said:

    Or just try another set of cans and see if the same thing happens... if not, you've got your answer. 


    Happens on other headphones I have (as I mentioned in the post) as well as studio monitors.

  8. I get clipping even at low volumes using the headphones out. I am using Sennheiser HD650 headphones (I also tried Sony MDR-V6 headphones), and even with a relatively clean tone I still get clipping. When I record via USB with the Helix, the level is quite low (never going above -6db) often wavering around -10db or -15db, so I don't think the level of my patch is too high.




    Issue solved.

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