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  1. 8 hours ago, pn2503 said:

    I just did the exact same thing and am having an issue with java runtime environment. Did you download Java version 8 after Java timed out?


    I didn’t have a problem with Java at all. I remembered seeing a post about the installer under Windows 10 and just unchecked Java in the installer and let it use the version already installed on my PC. I forgot to mention that step in the original post.

  2. For anyone who is unsure of whether you can use the legacy Variax guitars under Windows 10, I can confirm that you can. I went to the download section and just selected Windows 8 as the OS and downloaded Line 6 Monkey and Workbench (non HD version), ran the installers, hooked up my Variax USB Interface and Variax 500 and everything worked perfectly first time. I had no issues with Java or the installation on the drivers.


    This statement is valid as of April 2018

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  3. Thanks Codamedia... My USB interface arrived earlier than I expected, so I could try things out. It is working great. I was a little concerned when it arrived, as I was expecting the old version with separate cables, but what I received was the smaller version with the attached USB cable. After some initial confusion with doing things backwards (I originally thought I needed to select the top body selection then send to the Variax after selecting the location from the scratchpad) I figured it out. So far so good, the patches that were too loud were easily fixed and I found out that the Sitar was a simple matter of selecting the Electric Sitar body. For reference I found this useful link that shows all of the settings, so I didn't need to reflash the guitar.




    As a side note. I decided on the USB interface because I do all of my playing using my computer and DAW, so a large footpedal solution wasn't needed.

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  4. Before I got the Variax I was experimenting with adding Piezo transducers to my other guitars. I did this by placing them somewhere in the body of the guitar and then wiring them up to a stereo output jack. Anyway, one thing I found was if I put the piezo too close to the bridge, I would get bad sounding resonant frequencies around 700 - 800 Hz that made the output sound nasally, you may want to filter out frequencies around that range and see if that helps matters.

  5. Another newbie question so I know what to expect when I get Workbench for my Variax 500.

    I know that you can visually create a custom guitar using Workbench, which leads me to believe that when selecting a model/pickup selector combination to edit, it shows some form of preset guitar. Is this preset always a default blank canvas, or is it based on what is currently in that position either from the guitar itself, or the factory default? The reason I am asking is that my 500 has a couple of models that are different than the stated defaults and I am wondering how to get the settings back to the factory defaults without having to flash the guitar. I have been reading though the forums and have seen a few threads about failures when updating. I don't want this to happen to me obviously, so I was thinking I may be able to just tweak the few I need to. One of the ones that needs changing is the Sitar as it is not on my guitar, it sounds like it is another copy of the Danelectro. So if I launch Workbench and select the correct position, will the Workbench UI show the settings for the Sitar, the duplicate Danelectro, or a default blank patch? If it is not the Sitar, then my secondary question is to ask if anyone can post screengrabs of the settings for the Sitar so I can manually set it without flashing the guitar?
    Does that make sense at all? I feel like I am rambling and not clear.





  6. On 6/29/2014 at 11:30 AM, mkoslowski said:

    Except for Custom 1 and 2, this is the default for 600.



    I have a quick question. I just bought a used 500 and some of the patches are a little off or have been changed (Spank sounds too loud, Sitar missing for example). I should be getting the Workbench/USB Interface in a week or so and am wondering if using file this will stop me from having to flash the guitar to get the original sounds back? If so, how does this work? Do I just place the unzipped file on my PC and browse to it from within Workbench, or is there a particular location I need to put the file? Will this set the custom banks back to the defaults or leave any changes in place? As you can tell I am new to all of this.

  7. 34 minutes ago, TheRealZap said:

    only alternative to the USB Variax interface is a XT Live, or X3 Live (or pro) pod. trying anything else will likely damage the variax.

    i don't believe that the older models came with the interface... it was a 100$ addon.... the James tyler variaxes (59,69,89) did come with it.


    Thanks for the response TheRealZap, I will see if I can track an interface down online. I had a feeling that the only option would be that, and not any other connection. I was assuming that the interface was an add on anyway, I just didn't know if it might have been included with the guitar when sold/traded. The chances of it turning up are remote anyway.
    Time for some shopping.

  8. Hi All,


    I have just purchased a used Variax 500 and none of the extras came with it. I have done a quick bit of research and found out that I need the original Workbench software, not the HD version. I tracked that down OK in the downloads. I have an old laptop running Windows 7 so it will install OK. I also downloaded Line 6 Monkey. My question is this. Is there an alternate way to connect the Variax to my laptop other than me trying to find the USB interface online? Would a USB/Ethernet dongle also work with a standard Cat5 cable to do the same thing? So far I am loving the Variax, but the previous owner had made some changes to the stored models and I would like to be able to reset them to factory. For example the Sitar is a different guitar model, and the Spank models have been changed to be much louder than any other models.

    There was some confusion at the store I bought it from, as to what should have been with the guitar, as it had been sold as used online, and returned to a different store with no extras. The original store in Arizona is trying to find out what was originally with it and if it was sent out to the original online purchaser or not, so I have no idea if I will be able to get the interface etc. or not.




    PS. If you happen to recognize this guitar as potentially one you sold, I wanted to say that you really looked after your guitar, it still looks like new. :)

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