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  1. Having this really bad experience  recording with the pod hd 500.My focusrite broke and sent it to the shop to get it fixed.Meanwhile for a basic riff part I used the pod and duhh the recording stucks in the middle for 2-3 seconds and continues again.Happened everytime I gave it a shot.Researched thoroughly about latency of this device or buffering and couldnt find a single info.

    If anyone can help me with this lemme know.


  2. 4 hours ago, silverhead said:

    Yes, that's correct. Track 1 records the mono processed signal and Track 2 records the mono dry signal. Use the dry signal as the source for subsequent reamping.


    Connect your speakers/headphones to the Pod HD device to monitor the playback; the device becomes your computer's soundcard.

    After finishing the recording , if i turn off the pod device, then will I be able to hear through the sound box of my PC ? Like for mixing the tracks. This sort of sounds like a hack to me


  3. On 5/28/2018 at 1:30 AM, silverhead said:

    This preset is designed to output two mono channels - one wet (L channel) and one dry (R channel). You can use the Mixer block in the preset to pan the wet path L and R but then you will no longer be getting the dry signal in the R channel; it will be mixed with the R-side processing of the wet path.


    The issue is that the Pod HD ASIO driver delivers only 2 channels to the DAW - L and R. You can't simultaneously record a stereo wet signal and the mono dry signal. That's why my preset forces the wet processing path to a mono signal.

    Left channel is WET 
     Right channel is DRY 
    In my DAW will I create 2 tracks and arm them for recording?Then  Set track 1 for mono input 1 and track 2 for mono input 2?
    Will  the end result will be a dry and wet track both for recording but also dry tracks in case I decide to reamp later?
     If this is wrong then guide me through the setup of your preset 
    and will i turn the hardware monitoring off like @pipelineaudio1 said above?

    what should i do to get the playback of the recorded track through my headphones???

  4. @pipelineaudio1 
    I set up the audio device as asio but i didnt get any input whatsoever on the reaper 
    On the other hand I set it up on directsound and i got input. i set up the presence and master through my pod hd 500 edit on the amp and set up the output levels.but the fact is I want to get a completely unprocessed dry signal without any horryfic latency.I am doing my research on processor unit recordings but i need some guidelines for it.
    Thanks man @pipelineaudio1 \m/

  5. Hey ,
    I recently bought a Pod HD 500 and dont know much about it.
    I want to know the basics of recording through the pod hd 500 on reaper.
    Do I use the conventional high gain presets for recording or should I make new presets for recording?If i have to make a new one then how to?
    How to record the completely dry signal of the guitar to the reaper DAW?
    And how to lessen the latency and buffers?
    I just need a guideline for the basics of recording through it :D
    PS:I dont own any audio interface I just want to Record the guitars through my pod via USB
    Thanks in advance ^_^

  6. Just now, hurghanico said:

    surely reinstalling windows couldn't cause any harm to the POD..


    if you have the same identical problem with the POD connected to different PCs, then maybe that the USB cable you are using is faulty, or the POD USB port is broken (is the plastic rectangle still present at its center?)


    eventually try a global reset (and then a pedal calibration), but be aware that if you do it, the setlist names will revert back to their default



    All about POD HD500/X

    new forum

    Yes i tried it with a different pc, the problem persists. All the other line 6 softwares work perfectly except the edit.

    The edit opens but doesn't response.if i press any switches on the pod , the change is seen in the edit so does the tap tempo changes if i set the tempo through the pod. 

    I have done the procedure of global reset by holding the left arrow and plugging in the power cable. It didnt show anything that the pod has been 

    Reset ,just the line 6 logo came up then the first preset came up.I also did the pedal calibration.

    The usb port seems fine.The pics are

    given below 

    Thanks hurghanico 

    Please tell me what to do next 

    Best regards \m/




  7. My pod hd 500 edit used to work just fine before. But i had to re install my windows for a certain hard drive crash, and after that my pod hd 500 is not responding.it works just fine without connecting the pod .But after connecting it ,the pod hd 500 edit is not responding or responding very late.I have tried it on different pc s but the problem persists.Asking for a solution 

    Thanks in advance \m/

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