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  1. Hi forum how you guys doing




    So I set up the output on the X3 to combo power amp output, then tried out most of the amp models with the cabs turned off and it sounds great! Running straight into the return of the fx loop.

    I just wanted a second opinion as to if this will hurt my amp. That's it, it really sounds great and I am happy with it.


    I have ran into the power amp with the pod and it worked nice. I am going to try out the just effects loop with the POD's effects and run my overdrives and distortions through the input. Thanks for all the helps board!

  3. 19 minutes ago, Kilrahi said:


    All he's really saying is equivalent to "You should hear songs through a standard stereo speaker system." 


    That's it. So the "audio interface" can be something as simple as your phone, or any music player. The "flat response speakers" really just have to be standard speakers used for music players. 


    In the guitar world, a very popular brand of cheap full range speakers are the Headrush FRFR like the 108 (https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FRFR108--headrush-frfr-108-2000-watt-1x8-inch-powered-guitar-cabinet).  You really don't have to go even that pricey, though, for just listening to music. It just depends on how picky you are. 


    Whatever the case though, the point is hearing a song through a guitar amp will sound like melted butt because the guitar amp will cut off a lot of the frequencies of the song (particularly the higher range stuff). 


    The hard part is sending it all through the Pod because you want the jam tracks to go to the stereo system, and the guitar to go to the tube amp. I don't actually think the Pod will let you do something that complex. You can send it all to a tube amp, or all of it to an FRFR. As far as I know, you can't do both. 


    Still, I  haven't had my Pod in quite some time, Maybe the advanced users will tell me I'm wrong on that one. 

    Alright here is an experiment you could say lol.... Could I:


    run my guitar into the pod, the pod into the tube amp, run the output from the effects loop into another pedal that has usb like a Digitech RP150 or something... then link up the jam track to play out of the RP150 through usb with the guitar playing along and record from the RP150? and hear it out of my pc speakers...? 


    Im glad you guys understand my goal and thats to record me playing along with the jam track... with a tube amp... with a usb.... why usb? I want to use my computer to record me playing my pod through a tube amp along with a jam track...  God this is making me dizzy lmao.....


    But lets say for a minute.... the peavey valveking II 20 has usb output AND speaker defeat.... Could I essentially play my guitar to the pod, to the amp, defeat the amp speaker and run the resulting sound of the amp through the usb silently and use my computer sound system to monitor the resulting sound? And if so, would it sound worth a darN? Lol




  4. 9 hours ago, hurghanico said:


    So, given that you prefer to use a real tube amp for your guitar tone, ideally/at least the playback of the jam tracks should be done not through the POD but through a different audio interface and flat response speakers.




    Could you recommend me some budget priced audio interfaces and flat response speakers I should try out, so I can get an idea of what I could be looking for and doing?

    I would like to try out this method you mentioned and still run my POD through my tube amp, then into a different audio interface with flat response speakers... 

    Could you describe this setup in a little more detail please? Lol iv been messing with music gear for years but am still stupid with it lmao.... Just a slow learner I guess...

    I just want to understand how I am going to run my guitar into my pod, into my tube amp, then into another interface and flat response speakers.... and still record the sound of my guitar with the jam track playing into my PC...


    Some example of set ups needed would be great... Sorry I just need the extra help to understand... 



    help and useful tips


  5. 3 hours ago, hurghanico said:


    Backing tracks playback through a guitar amp certainly would be a quite bad solution.


    Therefore if you prefer to use a real tube amp with the POD, the backing track playback should be done through flat response monitors/speakers connected to your PC integrated sound card or to an external audio interface other than the POD in this case.


    In any case you could still use the Editor to tweak the parameters of your POD connected through USB even if you're not using it as audio interface.



    All about POD HD500/X

    help and useful tips


    When you say backing track playback, do you mean listening to the jam track and playing along with it using the amp to hear the sound?


    I just thought thats what the amp was suppose to be used for, it having a usb output and all.... Im still new to recording and to be honest, I am not very good at it.. :(


    My ultimate goal out of all of this is to play a sound coming out of my computer like a backing track, then play along to it with a tube amp and record the sound... and have it sound good.... I don't want to have to save the track I play then paste it into the backing track.... thats a hassle to me and I would rather just record my noodles and experiment with different sounds and have fun.... and catch a glimpse of what I sound like sometimes by recording it to see how bad I sound lol...

  6. 22 hours ago, hurghanico said:


    Connect the POD to the amp input only if you use it just for the effects (ie no amp models)..


    You could put the POD in the FX LOOP of the tube amp no problem (let say just for using some effects and not amp models) but some effect models like overdrives and distortions would be in bad position in the chain, since usually they should be placed between the guitar and the pre-amp (real or modeled)..

    I would rather suggest to connect your guitar to the POD and the POD to the RETURN input of the tube amp.


    Doing so you, ie basically bypassing just the tube amp pre-amp, you could then nicely combine several HD pre-amp models with the real power-amp and speaker of the tube amp, plus all the FX models.


    IMO the above one is the simpler and effective way to connect the POD to a tube amp. Good and easy results are guarantee.


    In the above configuration you should preferably select the pre-amp version of the amp models available and disable the cab models.


    But if you don't want to bypass the pre-amp part of your amp (and you are not interested in using instead the pre-amp models), you should instead use the 4 cable method, which is a more flexible way of working but as its name says it requires 4 cables and more tweakings to work good.


    You can easily find several posts around about the 4CM if you are interested to it.



    All about POD HD500/X

    help and useful tips


    I want to use a POD bean pedal for the usb so I can jam along to sounds coming from my PC... I also want the convenience of adjusting my effects via computer with the mouse and not have to be towering over the little buttons of the POD, I got big clumsy hands lol...  Lastly I want to enjoy the sweet sound of a tube amp. 

  7. So here is what I am playing with right now. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro II all stock... I also use a POD HD black kidney bean pedal. For years I have been wanting the

    Peavey Valveking II 20 guitar amp combo. Well this year I have a feeling I am going to get it after Christmas is over (my birthday is shortly after the new year). 


    Anyway what I want to knows, whats the best approach to using these two items together? (The Peavey Valveking II 20 and the POD HD)


    The amp has a buffered effects loop. I was wondering do you guys know from experience, what sounds better;

    running the guitar straight into the input of the amp, then hook up the POD HD to the effects loop? Can the POD HD do that? 

    Or should I just run the POD HD straight through the input of the amp?


    Also reasoning with the amp emulation of the POD HD, should I play the effects using the preamp of the combo? Or will I get some really

    neat sounds using the POD HD with the effects AND the amp simulations?


    I would like to use the jam-along/sound i nterface feature of the POD HD and have some tracks playing through the POD HD while I play along to them, 

    then record the result from the USB of the Peavey Valveking.


    Will any of this work good, (I know the emulated output won't sound as crisp and lively as a real mic in front of the amp speaker).


    What do y'all think?

  8. 14 hours ago, codamedia said:


    I just want to second what Silverhead is saying here. I never owned the XT... but I did own the X3 Live... then an HD500. The X3 was much easier to get a good tone... the HD took a lot of effort and tweaking to get it where I liked it in comparison. 


    The HD had less models... but generally speaking better sounding models (not all amps were better). That aside, there were also compromises that made absolutely no sense to me....

    1. For some reason they removed the "extremely functional" 4 band parametric EQ and implemented a handful of really ODD EQ's that were limited in capability and labeled by % values instead of REAL EQ values. EG: Try guessing where 400hz is when the value is 0 - 100%? 
    2. They seriously compromised the output options by removing all separation between 1/4", XLR and USB outputs. The XT/X3 was extremely powerful while the HD became a toy in comparison. 

    I moved to a Helix a while back.. but retained my HD500 as a backup and as a computer connection for my old variax. BUT - I've seriously contemplated a downgrade to the X3 to handle those duties... I honestly thought it was a more functional unit. 




    Thank you for this information. Its good to hear this cause it helps me on what I may experience with my trial and errors with a POD HD Desktop. 


    Does the POD HD Desktop take a 9vdc 3A Polarity = center negative outer positive plug tip ac adapter?

  9. 2 hours ago, silverhead said:

    Yes, use Line 6 Monkey to update your device firmware if necessary. First you will need to download and install the Line 6 driver. After updating, download and install the HD Edit program to make back up copies of your setlists and presets, and also to edit presets on your computer as an alternative to using the device itself.


    Thanks man. I will do all that. Hey does the POD HD Desktop take a 9vdc 3A Polarity = center negative outer positive plug tip ac adapter?

  10. 1 hour ago, silverhead said:

    There have been many updates and improvements to the POD HD since its initial release. You can anticipate a great sound but you will find you need to invest more time in learning how to create those sounds. The XT/X3 can sound good with minimal effort. The HD can sound much better but needs more work to get there.


    I will keep that in mind. Line 6's Monkey is it called? Should bring my device up to par as far as firmware updates am I right? I am going to try and order a used POD HD Desktop next week. I actually owned a POD XT for a short time last year. I only briefly got to mess with the firmware update software.

  11. 13 hours ago, silverhead said:

    You speak of comparing the XT, X3 and HD only in terms of the number and type of FX. You may also want to consider the quality of the modeling and resulting sounds. The POD HD series is clearly better in that regard than the XT and X3 which are both based on older modeling technology. I would choose the POD HD with fewer but better quality amps and FX over the XT/X3 with more but inferior models.


    I understand what your saying. Thanks so much for the replies everyone. Yeah man I can't wait to dig into a POD HD desktop. I see what your saying about quality vs quantity. I think one of the reasons I want the bean is I don't have an amplifier right now and I really only play at my desk and I got the perfect spot at my desk to just drop n plug it into my setup. Can anyone say what if any new effects were added to the POD HD Desktop in any updates from its factory settings?


    Man if the POD HD Desktop is better then the XT and X3 I must be in for  a real treat. Can't wait... 

  12. Hello out there. So iv been going back n forth from multieffect to multieffect trying out different ones. My most recent pedal was a Zoom G3 the first generation ones. Anyway last year I borrowed my friends POD XT loaded with all the add on packs installed but the bass pack. I loved that pedal and it sounded real nice it was lots of fun. It had more clarity and better sound then other units I have tried.


    My friend told me if I wanted a pedal as good I should skip the POD XT + packs and go straight to the POD X3. He said it had all the packs on it already and it should rock. 


    My question is does anyone off hand know what the differences in the two are in terms of how many effects each unit has? POD XT Loaded VS. POD HD Desktop? What I want to know is will the POD HD Desktop bean pedal have at least as much effects and rock as a loaded POD XT? Also why and how is a POD HD Desktop bean better then a POD X3? Or is it?


    Reason I ask is I was not happy with my previous pedals and I want to rock like I did with that ole POD XT loaded, but if I am going to pay close to $165 for a pedal, I want it to sound awesome. I only sit at my desk with my PC with my electric gutiars so the desktop bean type units are right for my needs.


    I honestly am considering a POD HD Desktop iv herd it has almost the same features as its bigger brothers the floor models.

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