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  1. Running Monterey on MacbooKPro M1 Pro . Logic won't open Native because it says it can't be "validated" And when I trick it into opening it in Rosetta it causes all kinds of problems recording and then it eventually stops using Native anyway. Anyone have any ideas?

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  2. 7 hours ago, shatters said:

    Just remember that when having an analog pedalboard, either I or the 2nd guitarist have ran into patch cable issues which resulted in a much longer time than that of a reboot of a Helix...

    1 time at a gig I realized I couldn't change to the next song's patch, and I reached down and turn off, then turned on, and the drummer said said 1, 2 and I said wait a second, I'm tuning... I acted like I was tuning.. The singer said something like make sure you get our new songs on our website, blah blah... and when the Helix was up I said ready!
    They had no clue, and I lol to myself as the 2nd guitarist would of made fun of the computer based system.. You need to be ready for anything live! And act professional... I always say you lol on stage at mistakes or technical issues and the audience views it as your having fun, so they have fun!!!

    And I too have had the Helix for years and only 1 time had the freeze.

    Practical advice...thanx.

  3. I was practicing (fortunately) this morning, and my unit (full Helix, floor model) locked up. Couldn't change snapshots...couldn't change presets. The only that fixed it was a reboot. It was fine after that, and I know that this is just the reality of living in the computer-base world. But I have had this unit for nearly three years and nothing like this has ever happened before. Is this something I should be concerned about? Fortunately I was just practicing, but I have a big show coming up next month and I would hate for this to happen then. Thanks

  4. I just tried to purchase the newly announced extended warranty and was declined because my unit was out of warranty. What kind of Catch 22 nonsense is that? I was a very early adopter...purchasing mine in Sept of 2015. Of course it's out of warranty...but they only just offered this program. How about giving us early adopters a chance to buy in. This is no way to reward customers who early on saw the great potential of product back in the 1.0 days. Come on Line 6...you can do better than this!! :angry:

  5. When you select a preset on the Helix, it sends the corresponding midi Program Change# - 01A sends 000, 01B sends 001, etc.


    You probably don't want Mainstage to load that particular preset. To prevent this default behavior, in GLOBAL-MIDI/TEMPO, on Page 2, set MIDI PC SEND to OFF.


    Then, to make Helix send the PC# of your choice, press the preset button you want to program and, in Command Center, select the first Instant Command (the lightning bolts). Turn the knob until you see COMMAND. Set it to Bank/Prog. Make sure the Midi Channel matches the channel that Mainstage receives on. Set PROGRAM to the PC# you need. Don't sweat the other stuff unless whatever you're trying to control in Mainstage also requires a Bank Change to get you where you want to go.




    Now, when you select a Helix preset, the PC# you set will instantly be sent to Mainstage, selecting the song of your choice!

    Awesome...thanks. I can't wait to try it out.!

  6. Ok, I freely admit it, but I don't understand midi and midi controlling. Further more, I barely understand Mainstage. But having said that, I've noticed that when I change a preset in my Helix, it changes to a different song in my Mainstage play list. Now I didn't set this up to do it, but I would love to be able to consciously set things up so that when I change a preset, associated with a particular song, Mainstage would switch to that song. Anyone have any idea. It would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I’m not at my Helix right now, and I seem to be having a brain freeze!


    I just wanted to reassure you that it’s definitely possible as I use one main patch with 4 snapshots for a full blues gig, and switch between Strat, Les Paul, Acoustic, and Resonator. I also have a footswitch assigned to alt tunings.


    I’m sure someone will come along soon to give you details, but I’ll post later on when I’m back in the studio.

    OK, I'll hang on to this firehose of a cable in the meantime.  ;)

  8. Just getting around to integrating my Standard fully into the Helix. I see that the guitar model can change with the preset, but doesn't seem to remember changes in Snapshots. Is that so? Am I missing something? That's an incredible limitation, if that be the case.

  9. SOLVED! At the bottom left of the Native interface, there's a gear icon (for settings). Click on that and there's a dialogue for Authorization. Log into Line 6 account; deauthorize; reauthorize...and that's it. Phew, glad that's over. Loving the new iMac now

  10. The Native license isn't handled by License Manager... It's all just based on the number of authorizations on your Line 6 account.

    Hmm. so if it's seeing the iMac as the MacBook Pro it's already authorized, it should be ok with the iMac..I suppose? Crap, I got nothin' and no clue again

  11. So I think I know what the cause of the problem is that License Manager doesn't recognize the new iMac; it's only seeing the old MacBook Pro that I proted everything over from (even when I tell it to scan for devices.) Not sure what to do about that. I opened up a ticket with Line6. Three days to get back to me...really?!:(

  12. I just ported everything over to my new iMac. Everything went perfectly, thanks to Time Machine, EXCEPT when I go to open Helix in Logic Pro, I get an error message saying "Failed to connect to DSP engine. Device has not been initialized properly" Anyone know what might be going on. Native is there as a plug in...I just can't get it to come up fully

  13. Just as a heads up, the newer 21†iMacs have the RAM soldered to the board, so upgrading may not be an option.

    Damn. So do you think I'd be better off returning this and going with the 3.0gz processor but with 16gbs of RAM? 

  14. Just got a refurbished 21" iMac 3,4 gz quad i5. It has 8G RAM. Upgrading to 16G wasn't an option when buying it off the Apple site, but I'll see to that shortly. Thanks to all for the advise

  15. I have a mid 2010 mac book pro. I've maxed the ram and put in a ssd. Easy to do yourself. Its like having a brand new machine.

    Interesting...hadn't considered that. Is it a hassle though replacing the hard drive in terms of installing the OS? I bought my MacBook used, I don't know if re-downloading the OS will be easy/doable.

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