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  1. The 2.3 should be fine. It’s the memory you need to up. Don’t know if the new iMacs have soldered on memory or not. If they do, don’t chintz out on that or the storage. With enough memory, I think these days you’d have to actually try to get a computer that can’t handle multitrack duties.

    Would 8 gbs be sufficient?

  2. I run Logic Pro X for my recording. Presently I'm using an older Macbook Pro 2.0 gz processor. It was fine, but adding Native to the mix has pushed performance requirements over the top. Thinking about getting a new iMac. Will the 2.3gz processor be sufficient, or should I go to the 3.0? Thanks

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  3. I already posted it on ideascale and mentioned it here.  :(  It didn't seem to get much of a response, but there are several open switches that could be assignable to snapshots.

  4. I suppose all these usb/Mac theories are possible and logical except for the fact that I was getting no output from either the Helix directly out of wither the send jack or the headphone jack. At the same time, there's no denying that it was Mac reboot that finally fixed the problem.

  5. Kind of sounds like the volume block/expression pedal volume drop bug, but that doesn't explain how restarting your mac fixed it. 


    Did you change presets during your troubleshooting to see if that brought back your sound?

    Yep...several times

  6. I use a PC and Windows so maybe this isn't relevant to Mac but.....


    There's a USB setting in Windows that controls when/whether a USB port goes into sleep mode, and what will wake it up. I've heard of similar situations where the communication between computer and usb-connected device is lost until the computer is restarted.


    The fact that the Helix tuner was responding is a good sign, meaning the device did not completely crash. How are you monitoring the sound? While the problem was evident, were your monitors (speakers/headphones) connected to Helix or your computer?

    The Mac saw the Helix in the audio options, and when I disconnected the usb cable, the Helix was no longer listed. And as for monitoring sound, I go directly from the Helix to an FRFR speaker. And the headphones were plugged directly to the Helix

  7. So I was playing/warming up before practice. I put the guitar down to let everyone in and when I got back (and got through with the small talk), I picked up the guitar and NOTHING! No sound at all. Immediately I stepped through the process of isolating the problem: changed cords...nothing. Plugged in headsets...nothing. Opened up Logic to see if USB was feeding the Mac...nothing. Tried the Helix tuner...working (hmmm). Rebooted the Helix (several times)...nothing.Checked the Macs audio settings...it saw the Helix.Finally I tried reinstalling the 2.12 firmware...Updater did not see the Helix. OMG! I am freaking out at this point. At last, out of desperation (and against all seeming logic) I rebooted the Mac and Hallelujah, let there be noise...my Helix was back from the dead. 


    Naturally, I am hugely relieved; but what the hell happened? What made the Helix comatose. And why did rebooting the Mac bring Helix back to life. 

  8. Is there a way to sensitize/initiate a parameter to change via snapshot through the editor, or does it have to begin on the Helix itself by pushing and turning the appropriate knob? It certainly would be a lot easier to able to stay in the editor rather going to the floor for that one operation (unless I'm missing something.) 

  9. Is there a particular reason you are doing that instead of plugging in the USB cable and using the Helix as the audio device? That's the best way to get sound from your computer into the Helix.

    Hadn't thought of that. Works just fine. Thanks  :D

  10. I tried a Windows 7 laptop. Installed L6 drivers and updater. It's crashing the laptop when I connect it via USB - BSOD. Any way to get this to reset to factory again totally before trying to install? 

    Just happened to me. Did you get a resolution? So bummed, I was really loving this thing

  11. I was in the process of updating the firmware when the power went out. Now I can't boot up. Even holding the FS combos can't get me past the boot error screen. Anyone have any insight? Am I dead in the water?

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