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  1. It's been a while since my original post and I can say that most of my issues questions are resolved and I am very happy with the quality and capabilities of the Helix as both guitar and vocal processor. I am able to use a separate path and Output for vocal and guitar that works well in most applications. In the case of my guitar output I am generally going to an acoustic guitar amp that is set pretty flat so it's pretty accurate to the original tone without adding additional or untended color. It's very similar to going to a powered speaker except you do have the ability to shape the EQ and adjust the output volume post Helix if need be. Of course this could be mic'd for a larger room with a house PA.

    As for my vocal path I am most typically going dual Low Z Mic Outputs on the Helix directly into Powered PA speakers and that gives me the ability trim/adjust overall levels with the volume control on the powered speakers as opposed to the old days when we would have an actual PA with a mixer controlling volume and Power amps at 100%.

    In my current setup there is no mixer involved. It works for almost everything from practicing at home to rehearsal with my band, to gigging smaller venues. As for big wet rooms, - I have had no opportunities to deal with that, - (thankfully).

  2. Yeah, that's actually not true at all, - and the reason for my posted question. If I put the volume pedal at the very end of the chain the effects like tremolo or delay do not actually work when the pedal is at a low volume like if you set them at zero intensity or mix. And at least one of my E.Q. blocks changes the frequency response from scooped out mids to nearly all mid frequency. It's not at all imagined. I am a well experiencd musician and it's not a subtle difference at all. And I actually could record it for and would hear it too. 

    But test for yourself. Place a tremolo block with high intensity before your volume pedal and you'll understand my question. 

  3. Thanks Codamedia. I understand your points. So for my case, all I want to do is boost my leads, which I could do with a present button on Helix instead of the pedal because an on/off boost would serve my purpose. But what kind of block would I use as a "post-amp" if you will? I would be want it to be the same as my normal tone, - but louder. 

    Any suggestions?

  4. I am confused about how use a volume pedal block and where to place it in my preset signal path (chain) so that it only acts a true "louder quieter" pedal and does not change the sound or impact other blocks in the chain.

    Example: If I place the volume pedal at the end of the chain (last block before Output) it still changes the intensity of my tremolo . So if I turn my pedal down with my tremolo active, - it sounds like there is no tremolo at all, - and only if I volume up on the pedal does it start to sound like there is tremolo happening. So put the tremolo block after the foot pedal in my signal path.

    This is also happening with an EQ block I am using. If I set the Graphic 10 Band EQ where I like it at say 70% on my volume pedal, - when I turn the volume pedal down - it starts to sound super mid-rangy. 

    Where can I place the volume pedal (or how do I set it up) so it makes everything sound exactly the same, but just a louder or quieter? 


  5. The other day I accidentally assigned a preset to a foot-switch that was already assigned to another preset. The result appeared to be that then both presets were being controlled by the same switch, - although it was not clear how to toggle back and forth between the two to configure each one individually. My question is: Is that really a "thing"? And if it is (and I hope it is); how do you toggle back and fourth etc. The application would be like a specific 10 band EQ could always accompany a specific amp when active. But not effect the chain when deactivated. 


    Please advise.  

  6. Depends on the guitar. I get very good accustic tones with both my Taylor T5Z and my Itaila Mondial. These are piezo equipped guitars, but not all are created equal. I bought a PRS P22 which also has a two channel configuration with piezos and ended up returning it because it sounded super tiny/honky and thin. So go figure. I think the key is that it needs to be a semi-hollow body guitar with piezos. 

    But as far as Helix setup goes, - with those two guitars the only blocks you need is the studio pre-amp with a little compression and EQ. No amps, cabs or any of that and wa-la! Sounds like I plugged my D18 into a Fishman amp. It's very nice. 

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  7. I am confident that this is a REALLY stupid question, - but I still can't seem to find a way to quickly get back to my saved settings on a given preset once I have started messing around with perimeters (editing it). The preset title shows the little "edited" box next to the title. Even if I go back out to the presets navigation buttons and navigate back to the preset and select it, - the preset still shows as "edited". So generally I get pissed off and reboot the Helix. ...About 10,000 times a session. Stupid.

    It's is either:

    1. Deceptively simple.

    2. Not at all intuitive. or

    3. I'm just dumber than a bag of hammers. 



  8. I got it

     Thanks to all for your help. Turns out I cannot have the upper (magnei) path input set to "multi". It must be set to "guitar" and with the lower path set to "aux" this worked as expected. Completly separate sounds coming from both systems. 

    BTW: This guitar is the Italia Mondial Classic and it sounds absolutely killer on both Piezos and the Wilkinson WVCs.

    I returned the PRS P22 that had bought previously (which cost $3K more) and I couldn't be happier. Truely awesome if you can stand to look at it. Lol.

  9. I just bought a hybrid guitar which has two separate outs. One for Piezos and one for humbuckers. But I use one full path for vocal as well. 

    Can anyone think of a way to create a quazi-dual preset chain on a single path?

    I do have a stand alone A-B-Y pedal too but I'm not sure that can help.

    Essentially I want to setup different blocks with different EQs etc. For each output on a dual output guitar , - but I can't use my second Helix path because to is dedicated to vocal.


    P.S. I think the answer lies in using a full stereo path, but I'm just not smart enough to figure it out. Lol.

  10. Just a follow-up.  My issue is resolved. You are correct DunedinDragon, - creating a template in HX Edit was a quick simple way to get me set up with different guitars and setups without having to change anything on the vocal path. 


    Thanks for the help.

  11. I'm just trying to "move in" to my user defined preset banks (user 1 etc.) On Helix Floor.

    Is there no way to copy an entire preset signal path to a new location and use it as a starting point? Does everything have to be built block by block?

    Would Native allow me to drag and drop things from location to location an thereby "import" them to my floor unit? 

    What gives?

  12. Bummer. But I could do it by copying and pasting a separate vocal path into a number of presets - correct?


    Or I guess I could even approach it the other way around and use Helix primariy as a vocal processor/mixer live with various guitar presets added in (?) 

     Or square peg/round hole?

    Usually the kind of gigs I do the PA is set it & forget it, - so if there are effects to ad on vocals I need to do it myself. 

  13. Super brand new to Helix Floor. Opened it yesterday.

    How can I set up an independent vocal preset (or a few of them) thru the Low Z I/O and still have access to many different guitar presets? - Short of adding a seperate vocal path to every guitar preset? 

     I basically would want a vocal with a tube pre to compresdor/gate with a reverb and some delay, but would like to stomp on a present with more delay at tempo sometimes or maybe add some fuzz. 

    And then use the Guitar amps & presets all over the place. 

    Can it be done?

  14. Got it! Thank you. The "Floor" is on it's way and the LT is going back. Although it sounds like you 'could' do okay with a small tube pre (Art MP or whatnot) with LT if upgrading is not an option. That's got a nice sounding tube pre with filters and phantom. 

    Sounddog: Thats the second time I've heard people say they'd like a nicer harmonizer. Food for thought.

    But it sounds like I can have guitar changes assigned to certain foot buttons - while others are simultaneously assigned the vocal path(?) That's cool. 

    I'm still not clear what a 'snap shot' is and how that works or how its different than a signal path set up with various effects and perameter settings. 

  15. Does anyone have experience using Helix for Vocal effects? I'm thinking in addition to using it as a guitar amp/processor. I just bought Helix LT for Guitar but now I'm wondering if I could trade it for the "Floor" model (because it has a low impedance input that LT doesn't), - and use it as a vocal effect stomp board as well while I'm also playing thru one channel on guitar with presets being whatever. I'm thinking for delay presets and tube preamps, etc. for a vocal processor before PA.

    Does anyone have experience trying to control two completely different inputs at the same time? and how might one go about that? 

    Or could I even maybe do it with the LT? 

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