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  1. 1 hour ago, datacommando said:



    Are you serious?


    Start here!

    Then find a witch doctor or someone who understands the voodoo involved with USB, or click on  question mark in the black dot in the lower right hand corner of this page and follow the link named “USB Connection Issues” under the Common Product FAQ heading. 

    Hope this helps/makes sense.

    thank you for the Passive-aggressiveness and link sharing. Just the help I needed.

  2. This weekend a problem with connecting my Helix to my Macbook developed.  


    When connecting via usb, the computer will throw up a error message saying something on the lines of "usb function disabled to lack of power. Unplug unit responsible"


    I thought it might have been the computer first, but no problems with using other USB devices.


    Last night, it was able to remain connected long for HX Edit to do a backup. I will do a factory reset tonight and reload my profiles.


    Anyone here ever USB issues with the Helix?

  3. 3 hours ago, themetallikid said:

    I'm not that young, 43, probably just less experienced in true 'studio' magic and tricks of the trade.  That thought did cross my mind that it would just be the general sort of tape hiss/white noise sorta sound.  I didnt really spend a tone of time with it, just something I noticed while dialing in a quick preset waiting for my daughter to get ready for school.  

    Were you cranking the saturation when hearing that hiss?


    Past a certain point, the Saturation will turn "fizzy"


    I'm using the effect very subtly.

  4. I freaked out when I heard that Helix 3.10 had a tape saturation effect with Retro Reel.  Doing a lot of home studio recording, more often than not I would add a tape saturation plugin to guitar tracks.  Tape plugins bring a nice "3D" quality to digital tracks.   I've been wanting an effect like that in the Helix for sometime now. To the point I was considering buying a JHS Color Box to put in the chain somehow. 


    The Retro Reel is an exciting development.   


    In my findings briefly testing it out, if you use the Saturation subtly it pronouncedly raises the mids. I'm not one for super scooped mids, but additional controls in the effect for that frequency would be nice.  I like that includes selectable tape speeds 7.5,15, and 30 IPS. That shows Line 6 was interested in the nuances of tape effects. I'll have to do more experimenting with the relation of saturation and textures levels to each other, and see if I can find a magical combination.



    With it being listed as a modulation effect, I don't know if Line 6 made it for the exact purpose I use tape plugins, but I'm excited to experiment and see if I could make it a nice "Pixy dust" finisher at the end of the chain. 


  5. This mod has my curiosity. 


    I bought the version that works with the floor model when I had to replace my Helix LT due to it's standard expression pedal breaking. 


    The  SP1-L6H serves just as volume pedal due to lack of toe switch. 


    One goal would be to set up the external control to control volume with switch disengaged an then wah while engaged.  And set up the built in expression pedal for say a whammy pedal.

  6. 41 minutes ago, phil_m said:

    The slope of for the high and low cuts are shallower in the cab and IR block than they are in the EQ block and global EQ. The cab and IR cuts are at 6dB per octave. All the others are at 12dB per octave.

    Very informative, thank you

  7. I have the Powercab Plus. It does the job quite well. 


    I went with the plus thinking that I would use it as the IR loader and save DSP in the Helix. But that was abandoned due too now treating the Helix as a "studio" Like adding EQ and compression at the end of the chain like Jason Sadites on YouTube shows.   Also, it's just easier for the IRs to be in Helix.


    So the standard Powercab would serve you just fine.

  8. I recently started playing live with in-ear monitors.


    For my Helix Patches, I always do a high cut of 10k on the IR block.


    Playing live with the in-ears, a tone that I considered well balanced sounded like it had more high end. 


    Decided to experiment with the global EQ.  One thing that caught my attention was that the high cut seemed to be different than in IR the block. 


    Even with a high cut of 10k on the IR block, the high cut on the global eq seemed to take effect at 17k...which kind of baffles me because I thought those frequencies would already be delt with the cut on the IR block.


    Do all the various ways of high/low cutting in Helix behave differently?


  9. I don't know if it was mentioned in this thread or not, but an easy way to navigate through all the mic and mix options when you buy an Ownhammer pack is to use the options in the Quickstart folder.  Those are the mixes Ownhammer considers to be the best blends.

  10. Updated to 2.91 last night.


    After QUICK testing last night, it seams to have fixed my issuess with the volume knob, static clicking noise when browsing IRs, and IRs being frozen on some presets.


    Haven't had time to give it a full session though.

  11. New issues for me:


    The volume knob glitch everyone has been posting about.


    Glitch with IRs: On SOME presets the IR is "frozen" I'll try switching between different IRs, it will show the name of whatever IR, but can tell by sound the IR hasn't changed. Also will try bypassing it, the IR will stay on while the display shows it being off.  

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