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  1. Update of last post: Taldavid, you probably don't have to reset your Helix LT. As Christoph from line 6 told me, that he tried the looper with the preset Essex 15 I also did so and there the looper just played fine and I thought YES, the reset did it but than I recreated my backup with my presets and there we go again: Looper only half as loud... 

    But the good news is, I've found the problem! As soon as you put a looper on one of your two signal chains, you have to make sure that the input of the other route (in my case it is the lower line in the display where I see all my effects in a row) has to have a "X" in the input. My preset before was on both routes on "Multi" and therefore the signal was kind of split => only half volume of the looper as a result...


    Hope that helps and all the best, Walter

  2. So this was fast! I contacted line 6 and they told me to just reset my Helix LT ( and that was it! My looper plays exactly the volume as I record!!! Quite happy that it wasn't me after all! ;-)

    So in case you (taldavid) are in the mood for some loops again, go ahead and do the same thing.(and don't forget to do a backup in the first place). I guess it'll solve your problem too!

  3. Thank you for your replies... I see. I just wonder why there are obviously many users of the helix LT, who don't experience the same volume differences with their loopers... There must either be something wrong with my Helix LT or with me... :-) I guess it's best to contact line 6 directly... I'll keep you updated if you want to!

  4. Hey taldavid!


    Did you solve your looper volume problems? I would be very curious because I have the exact same problem with my Helix LT: Looper is at 0.0 db but the playback plays only half as loud as I record it. I tried mono and stereo looper, Single and 6 looper... still same problem. My firmware was at 2.60 and I hoped an update would solve my problem but the issue still occurs on 2.71 as well... Kind of desperate already... Any help, please?



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