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  1. On 3/10/2019 at 4:18 PM, amsdenj said:

    Yes. You'll need to use a dynamic mic, and a mic transformer such as https://www.amazon.com/Performance-Plus-Switchable-Transformer-MCT-1S/dp/B0018ST7CK/ref=sr_1_12?keywords=mic+transformer&qid=1552252595&s=gateway&sr=8-12. I recommend using one that has a short cable so that you don't have any long jacks plugged into HX Stomp that could get stepped on and break something.


    Thanks for the tip!


    Has anyone tried it out? I just bought a transformer adapter like the one linked above, along with an SM48 mic. Looking forward to testing on my Stomp - recording to Reaper. 

  2. Don’t think it can be a global setting, but I use a Dunlop Volume X mini expression pedal and simply assign it as the amp’s “Channel Volume” controller so I don’t have to use a block. Allows me to keep overdrives in front and wet effects after.  When scrolling to channel volume on the amp block, do a long-press on the button and it will let you change it to Expression. This video shows how to do that. Neat trick. I used a regular TS cable from the aux port of the volume pedal. 


  3. I also have my HX Effects (time/mod effects only) in a loop on the Stomp, but only at the end of the signal path. The reason I do it that way is for practicing with headphones. I wanted to be able to hear my effects through the headphones. You didn’t bring that up, but if you play through headphones, it would be an issue as far as I’m aware.   


    Kilrahi - Do you know of a way to play through headphones and retain post-Stomp effects without using an FX Block in the Stomp?  I have assumed that, because there is no headphone out on the HX effects, that this would not be possible. Would love a solution to not using a block in the Stomp simply to hear post-stomp effects through headphones. 


    I guess we Stomp+Effects users could use a small mixer, but that’s no fun...and would take up a physical “block” on a table :)

  4. I do. Got the effects first, paired with a Fly Rig 5, and that was my rig for several months. Then got the Stomp as a Christmas gift. I like that I can have a mini-fly Rig if I needed something compact for whatever reason. Strymon Ojai R30 powers both perfectly (for almost 2 months now). Get the 2.1-2.5 cable from Amazon so you don’t have to buy any adapters. Also get the voodoo labs current doubler for each unit.

    The FR5 is my backup. 





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  5. Will a Strymon Ojai or R30 power supply handle both the HX stomp and HX effects using a couple of current doublers and 2.1 —> 2.5 adapters (without issue)? Is there a power supply anyone recommends?


    EDIT: Strymon Ojai R30 works perfect powering both. Also, I used 2 of these (one for each device) to avoid using the barrel adapter. They plug right into the current doubler cable and then into the device. 



    Also, I can use the adjustable 12 Volt port for my Tech 21 Fly Rig 5 if I were to ever need it for backup reasons.




  6. On 2/24/2018 at 3:58 PM, phil_m said:


    You should be fine with just using two outputs. The outputs on the Strymon bricks are capable of providing much more than their ratings. Amperage isn't like voltage... The current draw is what the pedal needs to run, and the power supply can either provide it or it can't. And the actual max current draw of the HXFX is something close to 2000mA.

    Does this mean you cannot use a current doubler with the Pedal Power 2 Plus to power the HX? I’m guessing it cannot power it since the L6 ports are 250mA each...so doubling that isn’t even close to 2,000mA

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