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  1. Hi, fellow Helixoids! I've just released 13 new Helix sound sets, available at the Helix Marketplace. I've taken an unusual approach: While we all know that Helix is great at mimicking classic analog gear, I've been exploring Helix as the unique and powerful instrument it is, with an emphasis on startling new tones that could only have been created in Helix. I think these sounds will appeal to restlessly creative players in search of new tones and textures. (Admittedly, they're probably not suitable for REO Speedwagon cover bands.) Each board sell for $13 and has its own demo video at the above link. There's also a combo back offering all 13 sets at a 40% discount. Its demo video, which provides a taste of all 13 products, is a good starting point if you're curious. Thanks for listening! :)





    Back-Assward Board.jpg


    Bigfoot Board.jpg

    Bliss Board.jpg

    Blood and Pasta Board.jpg

    Board of the Rings.jpg

    Bogus Bass Board.jpg

    Bop & Swing Board.jpg

    Broke-Ass Board.jpg

    Fuzz Board.jpg

    Glitch Board.jpg

    Gore Boards Volume 1.jpg

    Ouija Board.jpg

    Psych Board.jpg

  2. On 1/3/2018 at 10:17 AM, JMP45 said:

    I my analog days I often kept some variation of a Fuzz Face pedal in my chain.  My favorite was the Fulltone '69 pedal because 1) it was germanium, which I prefer, and 2) it allowed you to fine-tune the bias and contour to remove any inherent "woofiness" in the tone, resulting in a tighter feel that tracked better on fast runs.


    The Arbiter Fuzz on Helix sounds OK, but is a bit too "wooly" for my tastes.  It also seems to be modeled more toward the silicone end of the fuzz spectrum.


    Does anyone have a suggestion for either fine-tuning the existing Arbiter Fuzz effect to get a tighter tone, or for getting a similar sound using one of the other distortion effect models?





    With any fuzz, you'll get a clearer (and somewhat cleaner) sound by cutting some lows ahead of the fuzz. Try a simple EQ and pull out frequencies under 200Hz.

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