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  1. Hi trying to get the few block to assign to the switches so that I can turn on and off while I play. ..just cant seem to do it right? Please help. Manual said.. Bypassing a Block 1. If not already there, press VIEW to select Edit view. 2. Turn the Upper Knob to select a block and then press it to tog- gle the block on and off. A bypassed block appears semi-transparent and, if assigned to a Stomp mode footswitch, its LED ring dims: But. I can't seem to nail it..
  2. It did work~. I copied and pasted to the destination next to existing clean snapshot. Thanks all!!
  3. I found the Friedman clean combination and I just love the setting. I made a snapshot for it. I want to have the Firedman Dirty snapshot of it's own. without going through computer, how can I copy and paste it? and create(paste) a new snapshot? thanks.~
  4. How you guys make the snap shot? what block you create? usually I start out compressor - overdrive -(some pitch adjustment) - delay -reverb - amp/cap or IR.. I saw few youtube video that they choose amp/cap first.. so it is from right to left . in my case , left to right.. Give me your thought and tips.. thanks always!
  5. Sorry it's Vintage Delay I was referring to..~
  6. OH I am so sorry to confuse you Vintage delay was the one I was referring to.
  7. When I use Vintage Digital delay on the chain it gives me some tape noise kind.. if it get used with other delay on the chain, noise increases.. was there any issues with this delay? I am in 2.3 firmware and going to 2.6.
  8. I only can layout on first line on the dashboard signal chain. I saw couple video that it can go to the next line . any tips to do that?.. thanks.!
  9. Got it,,touched the toggle will do..!! Thanks to me.
  10. Hi helix into 3 days.. from pedal&amp mode to Helix jump is so much and I was about to return the unit in first few hours using. But last two days, I am getting it.. and made 4 snapshots and it sound as good as the pedal/amp mode. here's the question. If you have snapshot, can you add the block and take it out from the chain? I saw youtube video that each button is assigned from the snapshot.. like if I want to take out delay from the snapshot, it was taken out by tap on the button that assigned to that delay. I started out from creating snapshot ( it was first youtube video, so maybe I started from wrong side) can you help? Thanks.!!!
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