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  1. I'm the one you referred to this post. I read the requirements and also made my patches specifically for the limitations of the spillover. It's worked fine for a while then had the exact thing "theElevator" described. The only thing I can add, is that the screen does display the desired patch on the screen even when theres no sound. This was the new feature I was most excited about other than maybe the precision drive, so I'd very much like to find the fix if there is one.

  2. I'm using the spillover mode in my helix lt and randomly when I switch patches, i get no volume. That patch displays properly but no sound. If a select the patch a second time, it comes back. This is intermittent and sometimes is all patches and sometimes every other one. I was really excited for this and have searched all over for a solution and have found nothing, so here I am.

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