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  1. I am new to everything - just got a guitar, amp head / cab. And now the Helix. Figured I didnt own any pedals/fx might as well just start with this. Most of my confusion  is routing and inputs/outputs in general. 


    • I am using the 4CM tube amp head + cab. If I put in a pre-amp after the Send/Rec block I get some really great tones. How does this work?  Can you explain how the pre-amp block is applied? Can I use modeling Amps / Cabs./ Mics in addition to my physical amp + cab in this scenario?  
    • if you dont add a send/rec FX block - you lose the ability to put FX before and after the amp, is that it? (for my 4CM method)




  2. Keep going back between Rack and FX. Without the Rack I use my Apollo interface can I still use Helix native in this scenario? 


    Any tips for routing my setup to my interface (I want to listed to helix fx + amp head in headphones)


    4CM for -> Amp Head w/ Effects Loop  + Helix FX and/or Rack (not sure yet)

    What about when you add your interface Universal Audio Apollo 8P  + Suhr reactive load


    Or does the Helix become the interface and route Guitar -> Helix -> Amp -> SRL -> Helix -> Computer -> Apollo Interface (Monitors/HeadPhones) 


    Saw the Pete Thorn video for Helix and Amp setup. 




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