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  1. Yeah it sounds pretty similar.

    It's dead silence when the guitar is not plugged in.

    In my case its interference from the old wiring inside the walls,

    as I plugged everything out in the room except the Helix and listend with my passiv headphones while walking around in the room.

    The sound got stronger when going up to walls and especially outlets.


    As it's not planned to redo the wiring anytime soon, I thought of getting one of those "Hum blockers".

    But I need to do more research on those, because for example the one you used didn't have an effect. 

  2. Thx for the answers.

    I only have humbucker guitars.


    The problem in my case are probably the power outlets and general wiring, as I tested today.

    When I moved around in the room and get closer to a outlet it gets a lot worse.

    At certain positions and angels it isn't even noticeable.


    I guess it's due to us having an older house.


    Are there any pedals or devices which could help with that?


    I looked at the Sentry Gate from TC Electronics which lets you set the frequencies you want to filter out.

  3. Hi


    I'm having a problem that I get a loud crackling noise after palm muting.
    It's even noticeable when you straight mute the strings with your left hand, after the palm mute.


    This occurs on all my 3 guitars and all patches which include at least a bit of gain.

    The threshold of the input gate doesn't seem to make much of a difference regarding the noise (Decay is at 10ms)


    The only way to get rid of the sound is to turn the tone knob all the way down.

    I have already tried using different guitar cables.


    Here are samples of the problem:

    After palm muting:


    When moving my right hand and floating bridge:


    And here is the patch where the problem is most prominent:


    Does anyone know what could cause this?


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