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  1. Hello everyone! I'm having issues getting Helix Native to pan in order to run a different signal path to the right and left.

    I would like to take one mono clip and, in one instance of Helix Native, split it left and right.

    When I pan Helix Native's "Host Output" hard right, it will always be silent on playback, when I pan it hard left, it gets slightly quieter but will still play at an equal volume on both speakers.

    I can have the track panned hard left, hard right or center in Logic Pro's track editor, and these results are always the same when I make the changes within Helix Native's "Host Output": Silent when hard panned right, loudest at center, slightly quieter at hard left.

    Here are some pictures of my signal chain and host output that I'm referring to, could I be overlooking anything?1036594438_ScreenShot2019-06-05at3_33_38PM.thumb.png.e2eab5c18db696b290afdbdf3d09f994.png385511506_ScreenShot2019-06-05at3_33_49PM.thumb.png.0c96aad63aa4672468b85f294b767854.png

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