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  1. 3 hours ago, cruisinon2 said:


    There was an epic argument over this just recently. As is always the case, nobody can predict what will sound "better" to your ears. Nevertheless, stay tuned for others to chime in with lots of PhD thesis engineering jargon about signal quality, bit depth, and my personal favorite: "dithering noise". They'll swear that the master volume must be kept wide open at all times, lest all sorts of deplorable signal degradation occur. 


    The truth is that it's exceedingly unlikely that you'd be able to tell the difference, unless you're one of those guys who claims to be able to stand on their front porch in Boston, and hear a mouse fart in Detroit. 


    Then there's the matter of practicality. If you really want to be reaching behind/underneath your monitor(s) every time you want to adjust the volume, then by all means red-line Helix's master knob. Otherwise, leave it somewhere around noon so you've got some headroom if you need it, and set your monitor's volume accordingly. 99.97% of us mere mortals will never hear a difference....

    This is the answer I was hoping to get, as having headroom is always preferable to wanting it. I shall leave it like I have it. 

  2. I'm sure many of you have seen the "all the drives suck" thread over at TGP (in fact many of you whom I see here have participated in the thread), and as always with these threads it has thrown up a bazillion ideas and tips, too many to digest almost. One of the things I saw mentioned a few times seems pertinent to this conversation. A few different users said that you should run the big black physical master volume knob that sits on top of the unit (as distinct from other volume levels in the software) at max (fully clockwise) or as near as damn it. Others said that this only matters if you are going into the front of an amp, as max is unity level for the amp input.


    So my setup is Helix floor XLR outputs at line level running into my Adam A7 monitors. Each monitor speaker has a volume control and I have each set at -10db. I have the volume on the top of the Helix at 12 o'clock, and it is loud. As loud as I really want it to be for comfort (reading ~80db on my loudness meter in the room).


    So the question is, will I get a better sound by running the Helix volume knob more open and turning down the volumes on each monitor? Cheers. 

  3. 36 minutes ago, cruisinon2 said:

    I'm curious myself, but before anybody gets too giddy with anticipation, apparently only the "Gain 2" channel will be available with 2.8, with others coming "later"... which could mean just about anything.  Interpret as you see fit, lol. I'm assuming "Gain 2" means the "red" channel, but who knows...



    Yes I did know that. Still excited though. That channel sounded awesome. 

  4. I was intrigued by this, so I did it today with a tele going into a bassman patch I had done up. Put the bassman preamp in front of the full bassman amp, then into the 4x10 cab. Boom. What a tone. Thanks for the great tip. 

  5. I have to admit that I wasn’t super excited when I saw this on the list for 2.8, as I thought it was just a super gainy metal monster that I would have no use for. Watching Shawn Tubbs demo it has blown me away, and totally got me excited for this. Super smooth lead tones. 


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  6. 7 hours ago, rsvette12 said:

    Great write up - if you like Pink Floyd Fremen are the very best - being in a Pink Floyd tribute band he has put a lot of time into those presets - highly recommend them


    I own good amount of Glenns stuff also - he does a great job

    The Pink Floyd patches? Are they only available in the Big Pack or Mega Pack, or is there a way to get just the Floyd presets? I couldn’t see that on the Fremen website. 

    And it isn’t about the cost of the big or mega pack, it’s just that I wouldn’t use most of the patches in those packs, but the Floyd stuff? Hell yes. 

  7. This thread makes me sad. A few weeks back I uploaded a video with my first ever patch (an acoustic guitar patch) and I asked for feedback and advice, and I really wanted it, because I want to get better with the Helix. I got a few replies, and I thank those users that responded with advice. 


    This guy (who doesn’t want your help) is literally getting people to queue up, give their best advice only to get kicked. Several members have come back for multiple kickings even as members like me have pointed out the folly of it. Einstein had a quote related to this. Masochism is unbecoming of this forum. 

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  8. It has always been my understanding (correct or incorrect as it may be) that the grainy distortion comes from the preamp in the pedal which you can push the amp a bit with. 

    Also, I made the ‘Differences are minor’ comment to Verne Bunsen above, not in my video and his question was about FX loops vs front of amp. 

  9. 17 minutes ago, datacommando said:


    Oh, please, no - not the return of “itsslash” or “Iamtheone”. Arrrrrgggghhh!


    EDIT: I just realised - “Florian” - it’s not a really scary trolling name.

    If it is supposed to be Florian, he didn’t get it quite right either, as that would have to be Nairolf. 

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  10. 8 hours ago, Kilrahi said:


    Honestly up until this point I thought he was well intentioned, but if he's now gonna claim that in a spectrum analyzer, no matter WHAT you do to an EQ, it ends up scooped . . .


    Most of us have stared at spectrum analysis's of our Helix recordings numerous time and know that's a bogus claim. That's troll level territory. 

    He always has been trolling. Honestly, he does not deserve your apologies or sympathy. 

  11. 5 hours ago, Verne-Bunsen said:

    Nice review, it does sound good! Seeing as you have a good long history with this pedal in its “natural habitat”, is there a significant change in the feel/sound of the actual pedal having it in a loop after the amp as opposed to in front?

    The differences are minor and really not an issue. For me a modeller is all about how it performs sonically. The ‘feel’ is very much a non issue for me. I don’t go in expecting them to have the same feel, but when a model sounds as good as this one does, I am damn impressed. 

    I have always had real amps with fx loops, so I have very rarely put the DMM in front of an amp. The main difference running it in front is that you can use the preamp in the pedal to give the amp a bit more juice, but I prefer to do this with other pedals. 

  12. 1 hour ago, soundog said:

    Nice comparison! It makes me appreciate just how much time must have gone into the Helix modeling of any given stomp box.

    Thank you. I was very impressed. It also means that I can run dual memory man setups without the extra DSP load. 

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