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  1. Thanks, your solution is good! In the absence of other information I will try to connect the wires trying to identify the ground Thanks anyway and congratulations for your g10 ... good job!
  2. Hi, only the case is damaged. After the break I was not able to recognize the welding points I think I have identified the welding points but I'm not sure Can You confirm? Assuming they are correct, Now I would need to know how to connect the points. Example : C1-B1 C2-B3 C3-B4 C4-B2 Thank you very much
  3. It would be nice and professional from the line6 to put me in a position to repair the G10. Maybe sending me a private email ... or next time I'll buy less noble and cheaper tools ... :-)
  4. hi psarkissian, my warranty is expired and my g10 case is broken ... is unfortunately alredy open itself .. hi kontra66, I have difficulty in welding very small circuits ... I do not see well ... I also have difficulty in closing the box with the welded wires. I will proceed by welding some wires to the terminals that I suspect are right and then I will use some clamps to test the right connection. I would not throw in the trash the g10, he still works. I only have the 4 wires and the casing that are broken
  5. Hi ,kontra66 thanks for your instructions on how to open the g10. My g10 is broken on the jack. The wires have all torn up. There are 4 wires: - 2 twisted (I think they are the guitar) - Red and black Would you send me a picture or a diagram of how they are connected on the jack board and the transmitter board? thanks a lot
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