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  1. I honestly only used the comp because I started following Sadites when I first got my Stomp and just got used to building patches his way. Since this issue surfaced I just took it out and it hasn't been a problem. Not saying it doesn't need to be fixed though.
  2. Using the Stomp in Preset Mode, if I switched presets the volume started way low and "bloomed" (hate that word) but never came back to the set volume unless I flipped back and forth between presets multiple times. It was completely random. Sometimes I would cycle through the presets and they would all be at the same volume, other times I'd switch to the next preset and it would be at a lower volume, so I would flip back to the previous preset, then back to the other preset and the volume would be correct. Is that not the issue you're describing?
  3. May be for you, but I assure you I had the same problem with 2.71. My post is still visible in the FB group when I posted it about it on June 21st, well before the update.
  4. The 3 presets I was switching between were pretty basic, just amp/cab/LA Comp. One preset had the parametric EQ for hi/lo cuts, and one had a delay. That's it. No external effects.
  5. This is not specific to 2.8. I had the same issue with 2.71. I follow Jason Sadites YouTube channel and have used his techniques from the beginning in creating my patches. I noticed the volume drops and jumps when switching between presets in Preset Mode so I posted about it on TGP and in the Facebook group about a month ago. One of the first questions I got was whether or not I used the LA Comp at the end of my chain, and of course I did in every patch. Once I removed it I no longer had the issue.
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