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  1. 12 hours ago, danielygo said:

    Hi, I am using a Dunlop DVP4 Mini X as my expression pedal with my HX Effects. I was experiencing the same problem as you did until I reversed the polarity of the expression pedal input via the Global Settings in my HX Effects. I am using a regular TS cable and the DVP4 is inserted into the expression pedal input #2 (functions as a volume pedal). After reversing the polarity on the Global Setting, everything is working as it should.  Hope this helps. 

    my man. Thank you. 

  2. Hello,


    I've been using the HX Stomp as a travel rig. I like it a lot, only problem is the expression pedal doesn't seem to calibrate properly. I've searched the internet up and down to no avail. How do I calibrate my Dunlop expression pedal to work as 0 being heel, and toe being 100? Currently, regardless of my min/max setting, the HX believes the halfway point is 100 and goes back down to zero. I'm not using a TRS cable to connect the expression pedal. 


    Thank you

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