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  1. Your second question is yes it justs seems to be just the sound that goes to 100% even if the the pedal is at 10%


    In regards to your first question. I prefer the volume to be pre amp it seems to work best that way but on a few of the patches it is post amp.


  2. I have a problem with volume pedal and their settings. On some of my Patches the volume goes from 0-100. There is no gradual rise in the volume.  On others 10% sounds like 10%. When I look at the setting they seem to be set the same way. Is there something I am missing? I just want to be able to increase my volume pedal and have the volume increase accordingly.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  3. In the Lenny Kravitz song Are you gonna go my Way. I am trying to duplicate the part where there is a second guitar playing the higher octave. I have tried a few things but no luck any suggestions duplicating that on the Helix?

  4. 22 minutes ago, Kilrahi said:

    My favorite site is this one because it has nice blurbs and backgrounds on the models the Helix are based on:



    However, there are more concise lists out there and some are even available as posts further back on this page, but unfortunately I tried searching for them and couldn't find them.


    I do know that, for right now anyway, the HX Stomp user manual has all of the current amps and effects listed on pages 19  - 27.


  5. Does anyone have a suggestion for getting an MXR Distortion+ sound? I have always loved this distortion pedal. It was never very popular and I have never seen anyone else using it but I have always loved the sound. Any suggestions from anyone?



  6. Got it! Maybe they can change that in there next upgrade. : -)


    "So you can't say, setup a preset with a Fender and OD and save that to snapshot 1, then have snapshot 2 be a Panama with a delay, unless you have the Fender, OD, Panama, and Delay already in the preset."



  7. OK So if I understand you correctly. I can't have a completely different setup in every snapshot.  So I can have a bunch of effects that can turn off and on within the snapshot. They all have 5 effects. 1 snapshot only has effect 1 on. The second snapshot has 1 and 5 effects on. 3 snapshot has them all on. etc. Is that correct?


    "I'm not sure what you mean by copying tones, but you can copy an entire preset that has snapshots defined in it to a different location and then work on it there.  Snapshots are preset dependent meaning they work specifically on the blocks defined within a specific preset.  You can't take a snapshot and have it magically understand how to work in a preset that has different amps, effects, and so forth.  To copy a preset containing snapshots simple hit the Save button and then at the bottom of the screen you can use the knobs to dial in a different location for the preset."

  8. 2 minutes ago, DunedinDragon said:

    I think it may be the way you're describing it that's throwing our understanding off.  When you change something such as a setting like amp volume or gain, you have to make sure to designate that parameter will be controlled within the snapshot.  To do that you need to press the knob in and turn it so that the value is surrounded by brackets.  Once you've made the changes save it to the snapshot you're working on.  Go to the next snapshot and change the parameters (the ones with the brackets) and save that to the next snapshot.  Now when you go from snapshot to snapshot those parameters will change appropriately.

    You may want to review the following video so you can get a full understanding of how this works:

    Jason Sadites explains how to use snapshots




  9. I have my Helix set up to show the songs on the top row and the snapshots for each song below. So I can have a song chosen and below I can have one snapshot as the intro, One as the verse, One as the chorus. etc.

    My problem is that when I change the 2nd snapshot it changes the tone universally. So each snapshot changes to the new sounds. 

    What I am trying to do is make every snapshot a different part.

    Is there something that I have set incorrectly?



  10. Hi I noticed there are a lot of patches for songs on the other effects units that Line 6 have i.e. Lenny Kravitz "Are you going to go my way"


    They even have Multiple patches for lead, Harmonized guitar, Middle 8, etc.


    Is there a way of reading the info from these files so I have a starting point for getting the sound on the Helix?


    I'm new to the Helix so creating tones are not my forte, just yet.



  11. Does anyone use the Helix through a Katana 212 Amp? Do they sound good together? I am currently using a Boss GT100 and I hate the sound I'm getting. Just wanted to know your opinion of matching up the two.





  12. So Line 6 doesn't add any on their own dime except the preset patches?


    OK, as you said I'm in a different technology bracket. You can't compare the GT100 to the Helix so all's good. I was just wondering.

  13. Hi I am pulling the plug on a Helix LT. Can't wait. I currently am using a Boss GT100. 


    What I like about BossToneCentral is that there are professional patches that are made by world-renowned guitarists.


    Is that the case for Helix Patches. I know it comes with some standard patches but I have only seen patches from users, which is great but I would like some standards if possible. David Gilmour patches. 50's guitar sounds etc.


    Can someone enlighten me on the sounds that come with the Helix or downloadable from world-renowned guitarists?



  14. Thanks, I thought the in and outputs would be a problem but I think there are plenty on the Helix LT and the Performance view solve a problem as well.


    Think I'll go that route. 


    Question for Codemania

    "I don't see the Helix on sale here in Canada, but sometimes Long and McQuade runs specials with value adds. When I got my LT I got the Helix Gig Bag for free, a $50 L&M gift card and the financing was interest free."


    Roughly which part of the year was that special? Want to know how long I have to wait. 


    Thanks again for all your help!



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