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  1. On 11/21/2018 at 2:54 PM, phil_m said:

    Open up a support ticket. Line 6 will send you a new one.


    Here is Line 6’s official statement regarding the pedal, for the record:


    Line 6 has determined that a very small percentage of the expression pedals in the Helix LT guitar processor have broken during use. Although they have made adjustments to the manufacturing process that will eliminate this issue going forward, if you own a Helix LT and encounter this problem at any time (in the past, now, or in the future) please know that Line 6 has your back! In order to fix the problem as quickly as humanly possible, they have decided to simply replace the entire unit free of charge. Just let them know if you encounter this issue by opening a support ticket at https://line6.com/support/tickets/ and they will take it from there.

    I recently had an issue with my out of warranty Helix LT when the expression pedal broke. After searching for solutions I came across this thread. I contacted Line 6 and quoted your post in my e-mail. They replied within a couple of days with details of my nearest repair centre. I contacted the repair centre, E&M Electronic Services Ltd Milton Keynes and they sent me instructions on how to send it off to them. After a few days I called then to confirm they had received my unit. They confirmed they had and checked the progress of the repair. Imagine my surprise when they advised that  instead of a repair, Line 6 had authorised a new replacement unit to be delivered from Germany. I have just received my new unit today so thanks to Line 6 and E&M for fantastic service and a big thanks to you for this post.  

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