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  1. Hello,


    I just put my HD500 back into service on my new Win11 PC.

    I downloaded Monkey and HD Edit and saw the same update notice.

    Upon reading more posts, I found one from Support stating this version causes issues in Win11.

    They state to use the prior version which I am... with no issues - everything works as expected. 

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  2. Hi,

    I've just resurrected my HD 500 for church worship.

    After downloading from the Line 6 website, I'm currently running "Line 6 Monkey", version 1.77 and "POD HD500 Edit" version 2.27 on Windows 11.

    I also have a POD XT Live for which I've downloaded and will use "Gearbox" to edit patches on my PC.


    My desktop PC is a new MSI and came with Windows 11 installed on it.

    I've not seen any pop up complaining about "Memory Integrity". 


    However when running Monkey it states I need new drivers (from version to version

    But in another topic, Support has stated that driver version is causing an issue and that we should install and use version which I am, with no issues.


    Hope this helps.

  3. OMG, all this about the Kemper sounds wonderfully complicated. :rolleyes:

    After 3 years, I only like my HD500 for "Live Play"... not for "Recording"... I've never really been happy with it.


    And to balance 4 patches in it for live use... what a pita! :wacko:

    And don't get me started on the stupid lollipop EQ's and their use of percentages. :angry:


    I just bought a new Scuffham Amp Sim for recording and it's the cat's meow for me now.


    The Kemper sounds interesting but also complicated... all those amp choices and effects settings, patches, etc. take a long time to scroll through and try out and I've grown tired of wasting/taking time to do that with new gear. I want to spend my time writing and recording my music and would like something easier and simpler... much like just an amp with 6 or 7 knobs* on it to minimize my time screwing around to find "the tone".


    *I'm devolving. ;)

  4. scottyo78> what is "ground lift plug" maybe i could use that on line 6... whatever it is... your laptop has 2 prong power brick or 3 prong power brick ??? not that it gets rid of all the hum but 3 prong power brick will most likely have less hum than 2 prong brick used by Apple... battery powered notebook for me righ now is HOLY GRAIL of guitar amp simulation...


    DarkEdge> my house is a 10 years old development project with 5 flats... basically a new house (10 years) with very high standards in everything in a nice residential area... i dont say that the electricity may not cause the problems but right now all this is very very very confusing...


    surge protectors are in my opinion useless in this scenario not that i dont have them on my other recording equipment and i tried them way back with POD 500 when i started chaising the hum and they didnt change anything... afterall they are what they are - SURGE protection... thats not ground/buzz protection... iam not having SURGES here... thats like a super fast but super strong spike in electricity caused by lightning etc. thats absolutelly not my situation...


    spaceatl> i agree that surge protection is useless here and power conditioning most likely too... power conditioning should be more about the quality of the POSITIVE/NEGATIVE charge being perfectly constant rather than grounding...


    power "isolation" sounds promising... the paper looks like great read for a physics profesor or a nerd... i dont understand this stuff... could you post some examples of the units i could buy ? unfortunatelly iam in Europe 240V 50Hz...


    isolation transformer... hmm we are getting bit spacey but i remember reading somewhere a while back that transformers are used to get rid of hum/buzz when interconnecting unbalanced with balanced studio equipment... like say old synthesizers with mixing desks... i dont know exactly... but "transformers = no buzz" rings a bell...


    stuff like this:


    but this is used on audio cables not on power cables... i guess what you suggest is something like the EBTECH Hum Eliminator but instead of TRS audio connectors it would have power supply connectors... right ? iam lost here... any link to actual power isolation transformer for sale ?

    Well with noise created from hum, ground loop, etc., there's no "silver bullet". My older Acer laptop had a 3 prong plug for the power supply and using a ground lift plug eliminated my noise (maybe that's where my loop was broken?). A ground lift plug can be bought for 1-3 dollars at a hardware store (Lowes, Fred Meyer, etc.) What they look like is on one side you can plug in the "3-prong" plug and on the side that goes into the wall there is only 2 prongs... the 2 blades.


    With my new laptop PC I have no noise issue. :D

    The only trouble I have is if I stand with my guitar pickups right in front of my monitors.  :(

    Don't do that and I'm golden.


    MIND YOU that when you run the notebook ON BATTERY the audio has 0% HUM... CLEANEST SOUND EVER...





    I had hum issues which was solved by plugging my (laptop) PC into a ground lift plug... best find ever. ;) 

    With the PC essentially the heart of all the processing when running an Audio Interface and a DAW this is an easy fix.

  6. Installing the gamut of HD500 software puts a driver on your PC to use. In my DAW (Studio One) I can select it, ASIO, Windows Audio or my FP10 A/I. I've never done it... cuz I always use the FP10 to plug my guitar into to record and monitor with my ref's.

  7. Have you followed the process per the manual? ;)

    You have to do certain steps with the USB cable unplugged and other steps with it plugged in.

    Reboot your Mac and ensure other programs drivers aren't banging heads with it.


    See these links for some sanity.

  8. Hmm, I've had my 500 for nearly 3 years and my Looper has always worked.

    You do have to be right on with your timing when hitting the switches to start, end or over-dub.

    But I admit I can't understand ric1 comments.

    Have you read the manual, it's helpful to do so. ;)

  9. Not sure exactly what you are asking. :wacko:

    Sounds like you want to control a lot of events.

    I'd suggest reading your 500X manual... specifically about the "midi commands".

    There are also many YouTube videos about the HD500/HD500X. ;)

  10. The Wah effects have a very wide range and depth by default it, so is normal to have to restrict this range down quite a lot and also to reduce the mix in order to get to a usable Wah effect that is more what you might have expected.  This is not a flaw of Line 6 modelling the pedals badly, but rather them providing a "super range pedal" that has to adjusted back to being a "normal pedal"


    Really... just like all the wonderful EQ's provided in percent rather than frequencies. :P


    I have adjusted the EXP range on many patches to fairly narrow to get a realistic "throw" like a real wah pedal.

    I think the wah's are pretty bad on the HD500... they were better and easier to setup on the XT Live... at least for me. ;)

    I know, I know... I should just get a really wah pedal. <_<

  11. This has been discussed endlessly...


    Search for similar posts.


    You could hook your POD to a straight power amp, guitar amp, etc. You'll have to decide that yourself and when you do ensure your POD is set to the correct "output" mode (read the manual).


    The secret in getting the amp that "matches" is the one that sounds the best to you. ;)

    • "IT" is the method I outlined in my last post.

    Read up (and search YouTube) on "Re-Amping" with the POD.

    I don't ReAmp, I use mine "in-line" for 'real-time' guitar processing with the XLR's out to my A/I which is Firewired to my PC.

    Read your Roland V manual. It may not have your exact scenario but you should be able to extrapolate what you need from the ones that they do show.

    "Arm" is when the track is "enabled" to record. In my DAW, Studio One (S1), I arm and monitor at the same time.

    I used to use the the 788... I've since sold it and solely use S1 on my PC.

  12. How do you record your guitar with your Roland-V?

    When you have that scenario setup, you can hear your guitar as you play/record it... right?

    I'd assume the only difference is when the specific track in use on your Roland is either set for "monitor" (record) or listen/mix.


    Your Roland manual should clearly explain this whether it's how I just mentioned or via USB? :huh:

    I believe the Roland's are more advanced that what I use to use (Tascam 788).

  13. Through the built-in effects loop.

    Routing: From the "out" of the HD, into your pedals, then the output of your last pedal to the "in" of the HD.

    You'll then want to add the "Effects Loop" effect so you can adjust it's input and output and move it around in the overall chain.

    Reading your manual should clearly explain this.

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