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  1. Hi all …. I'm a brand newbie here. I received my HX Stomp today, and it has firmware 2.65.0 - so the first thing I wanted to do was to try to update it. I am running Windows 10 on everything I have. I have followed the instructions in the Stomp Instruction manual (and according to the video here). In no case can I get the Line 6 Updater to see the usb Stomp device. I notice in the instruction book that it says that I need to load the latest version of Updater (which of course I have), but it also says to "install the HX Stomp USB Driver for Windows". OK …. I plead ignorant …. where do I get the HX Stomp USB Driver for Windows? As of now I have tried 2 different computers and several USB ports on each machine with no luck.

    Any ideas?


    OK guys ….. update here ….. I fiddled with this for 2 or 3 hours, and the update to firmware ver. 2.71 was successful. The USB drivers that I was looking for were in the Line6 download list - duh! After I figured that out, the download / update worked just like it was supposed to. Sorry for the newbie kneejerk.



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